Tuesday, September 25

my Tuesdays - Fall 2007

House at 8pm
Law and Order SVU at 9
*Damages at 10

*show from the summer that is still going - looks to have at least 2 more episodes to go, but that's what i've been thinking for the past few weeks, so what do i know? maybe it's running until mid-season.

- House -

i've always only been a casual viewer of House, catching it on reruns, a few first-run episodes here and there, and on friends DVDs. last season i decided to tune in for the last several first-run episodes because nothing else was on and when it got to the season finale, i knew i had to return this season.

sure House has a formula (i've seen a few parodies by various comedy troupes, all spot-on and hilarious), but if you can get past that, i really like the character of Dr. House... he's an interesting guy - especially his relationship with Wilson and Cutty (Cuddy? i have no idea).

what made things even MORE interesting was when his staff left him at the end of last season. that's right - House, which had a main cast of 6 for three seasons, had half its cast depart.

ballsy move.

now, did they go back on that move like most shows would have done? i'm happy to report that no, they have not. not yet at least.

this first episode had House trying to deal with life without his team. it had no cameos from those that are supposedly gone, and no hints that they might be coming back - in fact at the end of the episode House looks like he's recruiting for a new team.

i love it.

even if they DO bring back the team (and i'm pretty sure they will eventually), kudos for those behind the show to actually be going in this direction - i mean think of Friends without Ross, Joey, and Monica... or Seinfeld without Elaine and George. the creators are showing us that this is a show about HOUSE - a tragically flawed brilliant doctor that cares about the case but not the patient.

verdict? you've got yourself a new fan - until you pull some stunt like that cop that investigated House last season, or the rich guy that bought the hospital the season before.

- Law and Order SVU -

first thought? wow the cast looks old and tired... which can be a good thing for the show, don't get me wrong. it's showing what this line of work can do to people. it was kinda cool.

the story was pretty average, but then again most of the stories the past year or two have been pretty average at best. what i'm hoping they stay away from this year is all the personal drama - last year they had WAY too much of it. i'm fine when we get to see bits and pieces, but i don't want episodes upon episodes based on their personal lives - make it about the case. that's what Law and Order has always been about.

verdict? you know you already have a fan for life, but please don't let me down.

- Damages -

i'll probably write a longer post on this series when its over, but let's just say that i'm still enjoying it quite immensely. it does suffer a little from TOO many twists, and there are episodes where you know you've been taken on a ride but when its done you've moved like 5 feet... but it's still a great ride.

but perhaps the best part is the incredible acting.

verdict? i'm with you 'til the end, but i do hope the end is near... as it's seemed like the end has been quite near for a few weeks now.

tomorrow night: Bionic Woman and Life

because there's nothing else on.

- kawitchate

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