Tuesday, September 11

on being burnless

for those that know me, you know i don't often change my appearance. after my radical transformation from a hippy caterpillar into a lovely, more socially-acceptable butterfly five years back i haven't done much with myself.

since then i've let my facial hair grow to a semi-full beard before shaving sometimes, and even let my hair grow out for a few months before cutting it... then there was that "experiment" that i let grow on my chin for over a year that had mixed results (i liked it, others didn't really)...

but the one thing that stayed pretty much constant? my sideburns.

sure they would grow and shrink in size depending on how i shaved them for the week, but they have always been with me in one shape or form for over five years now.

and now? they are gone.

i'm burnless.

fret not. since i'm scared of too much change, i'm not completely hairless. i've got a stubble beard. yes, for those of you in the know, i've pretty much been keeping a short beard while in Hawaii - letting it grow for a week, then trimming it down pretty low. so all is almost as it was, except now i'm burnless.

how does it look? surprisingly not bad. i wish my hair were a little shorter to match (been about a month since my last haircut, and she screwed up and didn't clip it short enough, so i'm about due in another month) but yeah... i'm already used to it! weird.

how does it feel? i feel a little bit of a difference. not bad. cooler.

next up? i keep telling myself i'm going to do something different with my hair, but every time i go in for a haircut i chicken out... maybe because i have no idea WHAT i would do (i think i'd just ask for it really short). either that or i'm deciding on what to do next with my facial hair - might be a more controlled version of what i grew up in Vancouver... might be a full-on goatee... might be a fuller beard...

stay tuned!

- kawitchate

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