Tuesday, March 4

new to my stomach - chocolate mix skittles

a couple of months ago, nestled between the Smoothie Skittles and regular Skittles at my local 7-11 was an oddity. an affront to god.

it was a bag of Chocolate Mix Skittles.

i was wary, but being someone that is always looking for the next good thing, i gave it a shot.

the taste? well, if you grab a handful and just throw 'em in your mouth, more often than not it will just taste like Tootsie Rolls. that's right - Tootsie Rolls, with a hard candy shell. if you separate the 5 flavors and try one each individually, that's when you can taste the differences. i'll pretty much defer to the link above for their take on the 5 individual flavors (as it mirrors my own reactions, except for the brownie batter - i found that to be fine).

so, hard candy shelled Tootsie Rolls. doesn't sound so bad right? in theory, it's not. in practice, it is. see, my problem with this candy is purely a mental one.

Skittles are supposed to be fruity. their slogan is "taste the rainbow." so you rip open this Skittles-shaped bag, pour these these round candies with an S on them into your hand, pop them in your mouth, and you expect FRUIT FLAVORS.

why do i refer to it as an affront to god? because Skittles shouldn't taste like this.

VERDICT: try it if you think you can get over the mental block AND if you can find it (since the initial shipment, my local 7-11 hasn't had any in - of course, i live on an island, so who knows). otherwise just go buy a bag of Tootsie Pops.

oh, and Skittles? yeah, i'm talkin' to you.

stick to fruit flavors.


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