Friday, March 7

around the web - been a while edition

it's Friday, time to drink:
17 of the worst shots ever created
malt liquor commercials through the years

didn't know about most of these:
7 insane conspiracies that actually happened

my obsession with Garfield continues...
Garfield minus Garfield

dear god, kill me now:
hops shortage spiking beer prices

well if Johnny Rico is back...
trailer for Starship Troopers 3: Straight to DVD

i've died and gone to heaven:
"We are the World" sung by Japanese impersonators

interesting Flickr photo sets:
KitKats of the world
stick figures in peril

1960s credit sequence for Star Wars
swingin' Star Wars

the end of this high school football game is nothing short of amazing. team with the ball is down 41-17 with 3 minutes to go. can they come back?
ridiculous football finish

Where's Waldo + The Bourne Ultimatum =
The Waldo Ultimatum

is this a promo video for the park? is this competition the park's claim to fame? rightfully so i guess... look at how many people turned out!
belly flop competition

and finally, a personal story on how i found this link. i clicked on this link because the title was "Hero Humiliates Horny Man" only to be greeted by Mike Jacob's face - the local news anchor in Milwaukee. yes, this story is straight outta Oconomowoc; 10 minutes away from where i grew up.
sword-wielding man stops "rape"


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