Tuesday, June 24

quick tidbit

i'm currently trying to get back into blogging and commenting, but i find the longer i let it go, the more there is to blog about and comment on. it's for people like me that the following website was created:


here i'll post brief thoughts and links to cool stuff IN REAL TIME (hopefully). this is sort of combining the small stuff that's too small to blog about and my "around the web" feature i gave up on all in one. it's pretty neat because it forces you to be short and concise in your posts by only allowing 140 characters per post. now, i've been known to ramble, so this is pretty cool.



djwormparts said...

Sounds good, and quick site looks like fun, read it. Had a good time jaunting about Big A's stuff the other day, after following it from your comments section. I am sure he appreciates the good wishes on Summerfest1
-Learning to Spell, B

kawitchate said...

yeah, the site is sort of perfect for me. i can quick jot down what i'm thinking, or what i'm doing, or what site(s) i'm looking at... and i don't have the pressure of writing a full-on blog about any of it. they cap your comment at 140 characters, so you can't say much even if you wanted to!