Tuesday, June 10

what i've been up to - may edition

i'm in the process of updating my blog. tonight i posted on what television i watched in the month of May, what interesting things i read in the month of May, and what movies i saw in the month of May. stay tuned for what video games i played in the month of May, as well as an Arizona wrap up, and what's coming up this month.



Big Andy said...

Ryan, come check out my new blog!! I've also posted a review of Indy 4.

kawitchate said...

i've checked out the blog. AWESOME. i will be commenting shortly. i hope. i'm lazy, you know.

djwormparts said...

Ho holmes. I see that N has contacted you A about this weekN-d. I am bloggig master. Yesterday last day of school, so I am grading exmas till next week, then free to find summer job. have seen many movies past 2 months, would like conversation on them The latest? Rented "the air i breathe" with Forrest Whitaker Interesting.. like crash without drugs and LA love
-Learning to Spell