Saturday, June 30

i've been youtubed

i'm starting to think maybe it's because i don't want to work.

after my last post, i returned to the ol' youtube and looked up the Kingdom Hearts II ending to make sure i wasn't crazy, that it was as moving as i remembered. well, i wasn't wrong.

KH and KHII probably have the most moving endings to an RPG i've played other than FFX and FFX-2 - that i can REMEMBER. i played FF, FFII, and FFIII (or VI as it's known in Japan) as well as Chrono Trigger, but they were so long ago i don't really remember the endings. while i'm sure they were moving, i'm not sure if it's possible that they could be as moving as something to come out later, with the updated graphics and musical scores. i mean i'm sure they're good, but as good as FFX or KHII? maybe back then when sprites were all i knew... but today, i don't know.

i have been meaning to play FFIII and Chrono Trigger again, so i guess i'll have an answer when i find time to fit those 50+ hour RPGs into my already packed schedule of video game playing. 2009 maybe?

oh, and of course, youtube being youtube, after looking up the ending to KHII, i looked up renditions of the KHII theme "Passion" (or "Sanctuary," the English version), finally ending up on Utada Hikaru - the Japanese singer of the KH and KHII theme songs (i didn't know the same person did both until tonight, they're totally different styles of songs in my opinion). so i watched her perform the songs acoustic and wow... very nice. and the song's not bad either.

- kawitchate

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