Saturday, June 23

a mix of tropical fruit flavors

so the last time i tried one of these "fusion sodas" was probably back a few years ago around Christmas. it was that holiday spice Pepsi (don't remember the exact name), and it tasted ok for the first few sips, but then just got really weird. oh, we bought the 1-liter of the stuff, and needless to say, it got worse the more days that went by (as it got flat).

since then there's been a ton more of these fusion sodas - Mountain Dew has a new mix every summer, Pepsi's got a line of fruits and cream - and i've stayed away from all of them. until this past week.

at my local grocery store they were having a pretty good sale on Pepsi, so they were all sold out of regular Pepsi 12-packs. what they DID have was Pepsi Summer Mix - "a mix of tropical fruit flavors." with Pepsi. so is it as bad as my last fusion experience? thankfully, no.

it was weird at first when i expected it to be Pepsi mixed with tropical fruit, but after the first one you get used to it being more like tropical fruit with a Pepsi zing. it's almost its own drink. so yeah, it's good - not great, but good. if you're a fusion soda fan, head out and try it. but hurry! limited time only!

- kawitchate

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