Wednesday, June 27

sick and tired - or - a slippery slope indeed

remember how, just last night, i was saying how i'd better write down my thoughts on the banhunt that has been going on for a week now before something other act of utter stupidity occurred? well as i was WRITING THE POST, news came down the wire from the UK - an ad for a video game, Burnout Dominator (a racing game where you crash your car in spectacular fashions), was condemned and taken down by authorities.

off of 37 complaints.

the ad was in the subway, where thousands upon thousands of people must have seen it, and all it took was 37 complaints to have it taken down.

37 complaints.

"what horrific act was depicted in the ad that had it condemned?" you ask? well, there was a wrecked car and a tire on fire from said car next to it. they were in a black room, it was pretty classy all around... and the caption read "inner peace through outer violence." now, there were NO persons to be found anywhere - not in the car, not thrown yards down the road out the windshield, not crawling away from the wreck bleeding to death... nothing like that. it was a rather classy ad with what i thought was a rather catchy ad slogan.

37 complaints.

the knee-jerk reaction of condemning it and having it taken down just offends me to no end. does no one do their homework? does everyone just go around now saying "i find that offensive, therefore it should be taken down." here's the Burnout Dominator website:

see? if anything i could see someone being upset that maybe the ad campaign isn't "culturally sensitive," but otherwise... wow, just wow.

i just hate this baby-coddling culture we have, where "everyone's opinion matters." but does it really? i mean i'm sure there were 37 people that LIKED the ad, and 37 that were indifferent to the ad. just because they didn't speak up, they don't matter.

we're on a slippery slope folks.

i guess we should be lucky Manhunt 2 didn't take the "inner peace through outer violence" line... though i do like the ring of it.

- kawitchate

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