Friday, June 22

summer viewing

summer's here. that means there's nothing on tv - or that's what it used to mean. there's plenty of new programming on this summer, but most of it's reality crap. this is what i'm watching...

Babylon 5 - just recently downloaded the entire series. i've watched it before (prolly 3 years ago) but i'm watching it again because 1) it's an awesome series that has a 5-year plan that just works perfectly, and 2) i'm gearing up for the new Babylon 5 movie that's coming out at the end of july. pretty psyched.

The Whitest Kids U Know - sketch comedy that started on the internet and gained enough notoriety to get their own cable show. i can't put my finger on just what is funny, but the audacity and originality of the sketches remind me of Kids in the Hall a bit.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - boil this down and it's about the misadventures of 4 people that own a bar in Philadelphia. the first season was pure genius (probably the funniest thing i've seen in a few years, at least the best written), season two had some shining moments... and i'm waiting to check out season three this summer.

John From Cincinnati - this deserves it's own post, so i'll keep it brief here, but yeah i'm watching this new HBO original series and i'm liking it, not loving it. 2 episodes down, 8 more to go...

On the Lot - yeah i know it's a reality show, but it has to do with directing movies, which is something i pursued for a while, so it hits home. i only tune in here and there, and my general impressions are that the reality show portion is being handled poorly, each episode is drawn out too long with not much that happens, and the directors all have a sharp, professional look to their pieces, but none of them can tell a story really. it's an ok show if nothing else is on.

Hell's Kitchen - i've missed the episodes that have aired so far for one reason or another, but i just know that i'm going to tune in eventually because i love how mean he is to everyone.

Burn Notice - now this hasn't aired yet, but i'm planning on watching it. about a spy that gets burned and he has to go into the private eye business in his home town. looks like it'll be a mix of drama, action, and comedy. oh, and bruce campbell is in it, so even if i wasn't interested in the plot, i'd watch it anyway. for him.

and then there's tons of other downloaded programs i have but i'm currently focusing on Babylon 5. when i move on to another one i'll post on it.

- kawitchate

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