Thursday, June 21

introductions and rules of engagement

i've finally done it. after years of having friends bitch at me for sending out emails to all of them about lame topics they didn't care about, i've gone ahead and carved out a little piece of the interweb for myself... to save them the trauma of reading a long review of a movie they didn't care that much about, or musings on a video game they will never play.

i have a blog now. this will be my home.

i was adamantly against getting a blog because i thought blogs were for people that felt their opinions were important enough to put out there for everyone to see. while i still feel like this, i guess i don't care anymore. i'm a writer, and i like to write. this will be a place to write about stuff i like - video games, tv, comics, books, and movies.

this is not my first time posting to the web - just 9 months ago i set up a student website showcasing my design skills and before that i was published on Gamasutra... and before THAT, well, let's just say i've got a still snapshot of myself circa 1998. my favorite band? Bush. don't remember them? i don't blame you. all these things still exist out there, so go have some fun trying to track them down. google me, i'm not shy.

my name is Ryan, and this is my blog. i will put up long posts, and i will put up short posts. i'll be reviewing a movie one post and tackling game design issues the next (though i'd have to feel really passionate about a design subject to do that on my off-time since i'm a professional game designer by trade). there will be no capitalization except for proper names (most of the time). the writing will be very stream-of-consciousness with lots of hyphens - i love hyphens - and parenthesis (i love parenthesis too).

i apologize for none of it and all of it.


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