Wednesday, November 28

Heroes - week 10

oh my. the first Heroes impressions post that's not on written the same day as Heroes! well, i wasn't quite home yet from Vegas Monday when Heroes first aired, so i had to download it and watch it last night. reason i didn't post THEN is because i was busy catching up on Journeyman and Chuck (yes i watch Chuck now, it's a guilty nerdy pleasure).

so here it is. hope i remember all my thoughts from last night.

- things seemed to move like molasses the first 8-or-so episodes this season and all of the sudden things are rushing to a conclusion starting this week (and presumably into next). did it feel rushed to any of you guys? like this red-headed woman has been a mystery for a while and Peter and Adam decide to track her down AND find her ALL IN ONE EPISODE?!? and Sylar and the twins took FOREVER to get through Mexico and now they're all of the sudden in New York?!? SLOW DOWN.

- really think they're missing out on telling stories about Nathan's recovery (i mean come on, the guy just learned his brother is alive and... what? what is he up to? is he trying to find him or what?) and Parkman. Parkman especially this week. Parkman last week went into Peter's mom's head (we're led to believe) to get the location of the red-haired older woman hero, so shouldn't we have had a scene with him either meeting up with Peter and Adam at her place or maybe him arriving after she was dead? AND WHAT IS NATHAN UP TO??? my suggestion: skip the New Orleans story and deal with people we really care about.

- tired of the twin chick falling so easily for Sylar and his tricks. i could see maybe, MAYBE her telling her brother to leave, that she didn't need him anymore, but now all of the sudden she's so blindly in love with him that she'll enter Suresh's apartment where this little girl is sleeping (Molly) and basically hold her hostage so that Suresh will show up? no way. oh, and they shouldn't have killed the brother, not yet... but Heroes has a tendency to kill people too fast.

- ok, after all that hate, a little love. i love that Claire's dad is alive and being held by the Company. i ALSO love that Claire is mad as hell and isn't going to run anymore... though the declaration came out of left field, i can't wait to see where it leads.

- you can see Elle starting to doubt her father and the Company. very cool, as long as she doesn't lose that spark that makes her her.

- will the outbreak of the virus be from this super-strain being held in Texas (that we just learned about this very episode by the way - RUSHED) or will it instead be from what Nikki is infected with? that would be more interesting (and a nice case of misdirection) - we think it's in Texas, and that one gets saved, but then because Suresh couldn't get to Nikki in time because Sylar was knocking at his door... Nikki is the alpha case.

- just as i'm tired of Sylar manipulating the twin chick so easily, i'm even more tired of Peter being so easily manipulated ESPECIALLY now that he has his memory back. i know they're trying to say that he cares about this new girlfriend of his more than anything and that's why he's trying to help Adam "stop" the virus, but COME ON! you can't tell me that once he got his memories back he wouldn't have rushed to see his brother and mother!!!

- they are SLOWLY revealing things that the old heroes did in the past, but it's not nearly enough ESPECIALLY now that the writers are killing them all off. i mean come on! we don't even know what half of them can do! what was Hiro's father's power? how about the red-haired older woman? clue us in will ya!

i think that's about it. i didn't see the preview for next week but was told that some of the heroes converge on Texas and have a stand-off against Peter and Adam. i don't know... we'll see how it plays out. oh, and i heard that "2 heroes will die!" - what?!? it better not be anybody important / that i like. well, if they "die," they've always got Claire's blood now to bring them back.

to sum up: writing that was once keeping me happy and on a pretty good (but slow) pace has suddenly turned frantic and hectic. storylines are being neglected and others are being told needlessly. it's sloppy and rushed. i don't know if the impending writer's strike (impending at the time, now it's an actuality) had anything to do with the sudden change, but all i know is that this could be the last Heroes we get for 9 months (if the strike continues) and i just want it to continue to be GOOD while we've got it.

- kawitchate

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