Tuesday, November 6

the rainy season

random notes from paradise:

- it's officially the rainy season here and MAN can you tell the difference. this past Sunday was the first day i can remember where the sun didn't come out ONCE during the whole day - it was gray and rainy just like Wisconsin autumns/springs. and the rain? it's not like it was before (where it would drizzle/shower for a few minutes, then clear up - like Florida). now it pours, and it pours for a while. we'll keep you posted as to how the rainy season affects my moped riding and my MOOD.

- parents visited for a week and a half about a week and a half ago. was really nice seeing them. however, when they left it reminded me of just how lonely things can be out here in the middle of the Pacific. oh well. on my days off we did touristy stuff and at night we sat and watched our television shows. the last weekend they were here we went to the Big Island hoping to see some lava flows but came away only seeing the crater/cauldron and some steam and sulfur vents. oh, and there was the most awesome highway in the U.S. it was a pretty awesome trip - such an alien landscape there. definitely have to go again. next time they come out.

- my birthday was last week. thanks to all that wished me a happy one (and for those that didn't, don't worry - i don't care much when it comes to happy birthdays). i'm 26 now, which actually took me a while to figure out. when i first sat down and thought "how old am i turning again?" i had myself CONVINCED that i was already 26 and that i was turning 27. just goes to show you that once you're old enough to drink and drive rental cars, nothing much matters after that. ok, maybe 30. and then 40. after that the stress of being a game designer will probably have killed me.

- i've got lots on the back burner that i've been meaning to write about - finished television shows, video games reviews/news, movie reviews, album reviews, etc. - but i've been busy. one of these days.



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Jessica said...

so, these "touristy things"... does this mean you've finally been to the beach?