Tuesday, November 13

Heroes - week 8

well, here it is. the episode in which we were promised we'd find out what happened to everyone 4 months ago after the blast. i hadn't been this excited for an episode of Heroes since the season 2 premiere.

i haven't been this let down by an episode of Heroes since the season 2 premiere.

why? i think it's because they both promised things they didn't keep - or rather there's just so much more that they COULD have been. as they were, they were disappointing. they both were half-episodes, only revealing parts, only focusing on a few of the characters - and i'd be fine with this episode if next week were part 2... but it's not. next week we're back to the present. and it sucks.


- we were promised we'd find out what happened after the blast. well, we found out what happened TO SOME HEROES, not all of them. what happened to Claire and her family? what happened to the cop that caused him to break up with his wife and move in with Molly and Suresh? how did Claire's dad, the cop, and Suresh team up to take down The Company? how did Ando cope with Hiro being gone? and, most disappointing of all - WHAT HAPPENED TO SYLAR??? of the stories we were told, they were pretty cool, but i wanted to hear them ALL. and don't tell me they didn't have the time - Nikki's story didn't need to be as long (or told at all if it meant telling another story in its place), Peter's ran a bit long as well, and i don't know if we needed the twins' backstory at all.

- LOVED finding out what happened to Nathan (burnt to a crisp) and Peter (guilt-ridden per usual) post-blast. cool to see Peter blow up, then fly back and save his brother. also really cool to see the exchange between Nathan's wife and mother (so the mother is the one that broke them up essentially?) - actually would have liked to see MORE of Nathan's story. oh, and how Nathan got back to looking normal? nice.

- i'm not sure how i'm liking how gullible Peter is, first being convinced to join the program to control his powers and now being Adam's puppet to "save the world." it seemed Peter was finally becoming his own man at the end of last season, but now here he is, just as guilt-ridden and gullible as usual.

- MORE KRISTIN BELL PLEASE!!! man her character rocks.

- LESS TWINS PLEASE!!! while their powers are interesting, the constant "i killed people, cry cry cry" "it's ok, it'll be ok, i'll fix it" back and forth between the two is getting a little annoying.

- bringing D.L. back from the dead only to kill him IN THE SAME MANNER (gunshot) was a bit lame, but i did like the story (of her trying to go straight with the pills, then trying it on her own, failing, and him dying sort of as a result). another reason i didn't like it? i think i would have liked it if the 3 of them were doing super-hero stuff like the kid suggested (like the Fantastic 4 - er, 3). it was cool to see him save that girl in the fire... won't get to see that again now that he's dead (for good i'm assuming).

so, i liked what stories we were given, but was pissed that we didn't get them ALL (and that it doesn't look like we will - or won't for a while). the preview said there are 3 episodes left until the first part of the season is over - and after that who knows if we'll get a second half, what with the writer's strike and all - and i'm liking where things are going.

i just didn't like their incomplete telling tonight of where things were... 4 months ago.

- kawitchate

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