Tuesday, November 6

Heroes - week 7

another good episode where things (sort of unexpectedly) came to a head for some of the characters, new (surprising) allegiances were formed, we found out what will wipe out New York this time (and it's pretty cool) - and our villain was finally revealed. surprises all around.


- Hiro's story came to a satisfying conclusion, though the sword battle between him and Takensei could have been more epic... who knows though, that might not be the battle that was in the painting (they may fight again).

- i'm a little disappointed that the allegiance that Suresh and Claire's dad formed to take down The Company has already dissolved. i really would have liked to see that happen - instead Claire's dad is obsessing over this painting of his daughter killing him and Suresh, like usual, doesn't know what to do... so he turns to The Company and spills the beans (which, admittedly, was pretty surprising and cool).

- why doesn't Claire's dad just show her the damn painting and get it over with already?!? oh wait, i know, because otherwise there wouldn't be a story there. duh. it's all going a little over-the-top (especially with him now saying they have to move), BUT, the saving grace could be that The Company is now after Claire to find an antidote to the mutated virus.

- SPEAKING of the mutated virus, it's awesome that that's what wipes out New York (and most of the world from what i heard) in less than a year. very nice tie-in. it was cool how Peter learned about it (as well as you the audience) at the same time as it was happening in the past (with Nikki injecting herself). nice writing.

- Parkman coming into his own and saving the day was pretty cool, though i wish the battle would have been a little more epic between him and his father. ha - that's the 2nd time i've said i wished a battle were more epic in this episode... i don't know, they're HEROES, they have POWERS... i want to see them go all-out!

- Nathan learning his brother was alive and Peter remembering who he is (or at least who his mother is, which is a start) was pretty cool. however, speaking of Peter...

- Adam. my friend guessed correctly as to his identity (honestly i didn't put two and two together, but it makes so much sense), and man is it AWESOME. what does Adam want with Peter? will he have enough sway over Peter if his memory's not back yet? could we actually see the two of them team up and be the bad guys for part of the season?

if the previews are anything to go by, these questions and more MAY be answered next week, as we finally get to see what happened in the 4 months since the Heroes came together last and saved New York (in last season's finale). HELL YES.

this week's Heroes was great, but i think next week's will be even BETTER (and usually i hate the flashback episodes, but not when it's actually telling me something i MISSED).

oh, and again, if you're not watching Journeyman right after Heroes, you should be. week after week i finish watching Heroes and i'm like "ok, man was that good" and then Journeyman comes on and... wow. it always beats Heroes out. no matter how good the Heroes, Journeyman just steps it up a notch. but then again, i like time travel and personal drama.

- kawitchate

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