Monday, November 19

Heroes - week 9

forgive and forget. i was pretty mad at Heroes last week, only showing us half the stories i wanted to see, but i'm over it now... mostly because i think they WILL show us the rest of the stories (especially Sylar's story - they HAVE to), it's just a matter of when.

Heroes is back on track this week and it was pretty darn good.


- really liked how this was like a "theme" episode with everyone involved dealing with father issues. i know that Heroes tries to do the whole theme thing (with the Suresh voice over at the start of the episode and at the end tying things together) but never before has it felt so... cohesive. Parkman dealing with potentially becoming his father, Claire and her dad, Elle and Bob, Hiro letting his father go (or rather, accepting his departure from THIS world)... all very cool.

- Parkman's new power is AWESOME... and the way he's got to struggle with not becoming his father now has some real potential. since it's such a powerful power, i hope it doesn't get overused like that reality-bending power got overused in the latter half of last season (the girl that worked for the company and was watching over a kidnapped Micah).

- speaking of powers that could potentially become overused, how about Claire's blood? we saw what it did to her dad... does this mean dead doesn't necessarily mean dead anymore? will anybody really die? i liked it more when the lives of characters were on the line last season, how Mendez died and stayed dead... well, we'll see what happens.

- speaking of what happened to Claire's dad, what a great story. the painting made you (and him) believe it would be Claire and her new boyfriend that would kill him - but it was Suresh and the Company. and of COURSE he wasn't going to stay dead (i'm just surprised they showed him alive again this episode - thought they'd save it for later), but what are the ramifications? does the Company have him now? will they make him work for them, threatening they'll go after his family if he doesn't? could be some interesting stuff to come out of this new storyline.

- Suresh has some issues to deal with as well after betraying the trust of Noah and sticking with the Company (oh, and murdering someone).

- Elle couldn't get any more cool. however, i'm worried that what Noah told her this week will set her on a path that will make her the Company's lap dog no more (and to an inevitable confrontation with her father)... and while that's cool for character progression, i think i'll miss the Elle that was. we'll see.

- Hiro finding out that Adam is the one murdering the old heroes was cool. it's interesting trying to piece together what exactly Adam is up to. he's telling Peter they've got to save the world (from the virus supposedly, at least that's what Peter thinks) and then he's going around murdering the old heroes. maybe his definition of "saving the world" isn't what Peter thinks it is - maybe it's to rid the world of heroes.

2 more episodes before the end of the Fall season, perhaps the end of the ENTIRE season if the writer's strike goes on too much longer. i really doubt they can wrap up all the open storylines in 2 episodes and save the world but... we'll see. that's what all the ads say is going to happen. what do i think? there'll be a cliffhanger and we'll be left hanging until next Fall when the writers have time to catch up on writing after the strike is over sometime next Spring.

preview for next Monday's episode looked good. most interested in Claire and Elle's confrontation and Sylar and Suresh's confrontation - and if Sylar is there... where are the twins?

- kawitchate

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