Tuesday, October 30

Fall 2007 - week 4 & 5 quick review!

Journeyman - continues to be not only my favorite NEW show of the year, but also my favorite show of the year overall. for all my complaints about it moving too fast, it keeps coming up with more personal stuff to pile on, and so i'm alright with it (especially since who knows how long it'll be on the air). every episode has him finding out a bit more about what might be going on, and a lot of personal (but very real-life) stuff in his small web of friends and family. there is at least one VERY personal/dramatic scene each episode, and they are perfectly written, acted, and staged. oh, and we found out in episode 4 Sam Beckett our hero is not (with the planting of the gun and the "do anything it takes" attitude). there's more to say but i'll just say this - i love this show.

House - his team is pretty much 6 people now, and they're all pretty cool. it's really cool watching them play off one another since they're all totally different. however, Foreman is returning this week so we might see the return of the old team sooner than i would have liked. oh well.

Damages - had its season finale last week and i have to say... good stuff. this show was one of the best new shows of the summer. it's only faults are that it stretched a little long (13 episodes, should have been 8-10) and sometimes was a little twist-happy (too many twists). however, the perfect acting and near-perfect story more than make up for it. i could go on about it but will save it for its own post (if i ever have the time). i'll end with this: it's supposedly coming back for another season, but i don't know if i'll tune in. this season wrapped up pretty neatly and next season there's a black-and-white in place (one character is good, the other is bad) that wasn't there for part of this season... and this show is at its best when it operates in those shades of gray.

South Park - its in the midst of a 3-part story right now about terrorists hijacking our imaginations and it's PURE GENIUS. i think they could have probably done the whole thing in just 2 episodes instead of 3, but oh well. this new half-season of South Park is GOOD.

Bionic Woman - was really good 2 weeks ago, but last week it lost me a bit. they're introducing a love interest and i don't think she needs one at all - in fact, i think it goes against her trying to be an independent, strong, BIONIC woman, raising her sister on her own, saving the world on her own... and now she needs a man. ugh. and i'd be fine with it too if she just ran into him once in a while, but the preview for this week's episode shows him in it AGAIN. not cool.

Life - if you're not watching it, watch it. i'm afraid it might get canceled and IT CANNOT GET CANCELED. there's enough in place for a 5+ year storyline and i want it to be told!

The Office - missed the final hour-long episode 2 weeks ago, but saw the first 30-minute episode of the season this past week and it was pretty solid. in fact, what's funny is that after seeing all the hour-longs it felt like the 30 minute episode could have been longer!

all settled in to the new season of television. Damages is done... so is Mad Men (my favorite new show of this past summer) but i missed the final 4 episodes of that, so i'll have to post my feelings on it later. also keep forgetting to download Prison Break (i'm a few weeks behind on that), so more on that later as well. what i'm catching on TV, i'm liking.

- kawitchate

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Ben said...

Hey, not TV rerlated: How often do you change your now playing? About a month ago I was trying bioshock, but had to return the rental. I was in the Fisheries. What % of the game is that, was I half done, just scratching the surface, or what?

It was nice but had to get something else (recently played Conan, fun game, bad choice, it is the 360 version of God of War, slightly better combos and animation)

To end my tale, I am on the internet so I can avoid my real task, which is fixing the upstairs toliet (water never stops coming out of it now (into bowl, thank god)... Thanks for repiles!