Monday, October 1

you got your Heroes in my Journeyman

yes, unfortunately, the header pretty much sums it up - Heroes was like a prelude this week to something better, an appetizer to the main course. maybe it's because Journeyman is still brand new and Heroes is suffering a bit from the sophomore slump, maybe the writing is slipping on Heroes, or maybe i'm just a sucker for time travel stories. at any rate, i liked Journeyman this week a lot - and Heroes?

- Heroes -

now granted, i missed the first couple minutes of the show because i was late in getting home from work, but i seriously doubt i missed anything SO pivotal as to change my mind about the episode as a whole.


- last year i think they did a good job juggling tons of characters, only showing the stories of maybe half of them (or less) each week. THIS year they've decided to focus on the same handful of heroes now for 2 straight episodes. it's weird, and i don't like it. granted, next week we saw that Jessica and Sylar are back, so that's a change, but still... weird.

- they're focusing WAY too much on Claire (probably because she's one of the more popular heroes and they're trying to get the younger crowd in), but it's just BORING. and, i hate to say it, but i feel the same way about Hiro's story. things only JUST got interesting with the white samurai turning out to have healing powers of his own... but damn did it take long.

- it all feels like stall tactics, like everything that happened in the last 2 episodes could have been done in one.

- as much as i don't really like Peter's memory loss story, i do have to admit - it was really, really cool seeing him unleash his powers on those bad guys and being like "what the... ?" that's what i really like about the show: heroes discovering their powers. we need more of that this year.

- i know i just said i like seeing heroes discovering their powers, and the Guatemalan (Mexican? where the hell are they?) twins are interesting... but the writers are taking too long with revelations there. again, it's just too slow... stall tactics.

- the Haitian is back. i seriously thought they were going to make the mistake of killing him off just to show how powerful this virus thing is. man am i glad they didn't, especially since he's teamed up again with Claire's dad.

- the scene between Claire's dad and her mother was really cool. no secrets between them anymore. i like the change.

so i guess it boils down to this: there's a lot going on underneath the surface, but the writers are focusing too much on the wrong characters and neglecting others. also, they're not revealing enough, and i was actually getting bored watching parts this week... but next week looks to change that. i hope at least.

- Journeyman -

tonight we got a better idea of what the formula of the show looks to be, and here it is in a nutshell: guy travels back in time 3-4 times crossing the path of one person's life, and changing it a little bit each time (or at least learning something that will help him ultimately change it). however, he can't control when he leaves, so this causes problems at home. ALSO causing problems is the fact that he keeps running into himself and his web of friends back in the past, stirring up old feelings. oh, and his supposedly dead fiance is also a time traveler... or something... so you get a few clues as to what's going on there each episode as well.

it's a formula that i think will work as long as some episodes stay away from all the personal stuff and just tackle the case he's on, the person he's supposed to save. otherwise things could get old quick, like the wife saying "where were you?!?" for the 30th time, when she KNOWS where he was, and what he was doing.

it's a formula that worked wonderfully tonight.

the one minor problem? a time travel one. ok, so the guy traveled back and went to his old apartment to charge his old cell phone that he brought with him from the future (so he could use it when he travels back in the 90s - he had the phone not the charger). however, his younger self came in and interrupted so he stole the cell phone charger.

now, if the writers would have added a line like "so that's where my charger went!" when he stole it, that would have been smart writing... because, you know, you think you'd remember the theft of something like a cell phone charger (i mean this thing was huge, not like today's chargers). but nope, they missed it, and i caught it.

oh well, maybe the guy's got a bad memory.

- kawitchate


Ben said...

Hey Dude,
How come no comment on K-ville? Lame name, but still a very interesting and deep series. It is not the typical Fox BS, and has a good flavor of music and . There is even a bit of LAOrder in it, there is an as.DA that seems a huge chip from the block of the Assistant to Sam W. in the first years (long black hair, thin female...) The main reason I watch it? It has Anthony "I made the movie "Romeo Must Die" Great" Anderson. I even watched him on the Sharon Osbourne show, for crying out loud.
N has me watching Beauty and The Geek and Am Next Top Model every week. O for Love...

kawitchate said...

no comment on K-ville because i abandoned it after the first episode - just too much else to watch and i didn't really like it. it's like a tame version of The Shield with easy cases that are solved in one episode.

my reason for checking it out in the first place? Anthony Anderson. i LOVED him in The Shield (season 4 i think). if you like the actor, you HAVE to check out that season (and Glen Close is brilliant in it as well). oh, and i thought that the backdrop of a post-Katrina New Orelans made for a good setting too.

alas, it wasn't enough to keep me interested. maybe i'll download all the episodes 6 months from now when there's nothing to watch and it's been canceled. :)