Monday, October 8

Fall 2007 - week 2 quick review!

just to let you all know, i don't plan on writing paragraph after paragraph about EVERY show i watch - that first week was just special is all, being the week where most of the shows i watch premiered. i'll dive in and write more on a show when i get the itch to, have the time to, or have something more to say about it (good OR bad).

that all said, i'm still going to try and write longer reviews of Heroes (since i sorta started that last year with a few of you via email)... and i'm also going to try and do these quick reviews. if i don't have anything to say about a show i watched, i won't say anything.

so here we go. Fall 2007 - week 2 quick review!

- Prison Break was par for the course. lots of stuff happened - more than i think should be happening if they want to have something interesting to show in a few weeks (the show moves too fast for its own good in my opinion) - and there was a twist at the end. what's in the box? if they killed off...

- House i liked that he's got like 20 people he's picking from to create a new team, and they all have their own personalities and histories (well, maybe like 6 of them do so far). what i didn't like is that they're bringing back his old team too quickly. they should have stayed out of the picture just a bit longer and let House be about House. my guess? they'll be back together for November sweeps.

- Damages continues to twist and turn and there's STILL no end in sight. my guess is that there's maybe 2-3 episodes left - 2-3 episodes longer than the show really needed to go. still good though!

- South Park came back with the first episode of the second half of season 11. while it was funny, i still have that sinking feeling that the show is growing old on me (felt that way all last season). still, it was one of the better episodes of season 11.

- Bionic Woman got into the groove of things, having her join the team and go on her first mission. there's a nice blend of light comedy along with the dark drama that keeps it from going too dark. liked it quite a bit.

- Life also got into the groove of things, but faltered a bit. the case that the detectives worked on was a little lame, but the characters themselves... wow. the main story of this guy trying to figure out who set him up - along with the side story of his self-destructive partner - is just amazing. i fear that the cases that they have week to week won't be so amazing. liked it.

- The Office had its second hour-long episode in a row (and i think there's 2 more to go) but unlike last week, this one had enough material for the entire hour. this episode really should have been the season opener - it was a lot stronger than the first episode and had more stuff happen in the lives of the characters than usual. very weird. still a little worried that it's getting a little old, but this episode in particular was great.

that does it for me.

- kawitchate


Ben said...

So I agree about the office, but at issue is a problem you alluded to earlier. N and I were in line the other day and we heard the gaggle of business guys ahead of us talking about The Office. They talked about the race and the funny bat bite and then complained about all "the stupid mushy stuff" between Pam and Jim. It was like 8th grade when the guys complained that girls like unicorns too much or something! So they couldn't start a season trying to attract new viewers with LOVE. Instead you get puking and the return of a stripper. I am also worried about the return of Meridith being a main theme this week. One the plus side, though, the tech episode has a ton of Creed!! Yeah, listen to me baby!

Do you even read these comments?

kawitchate said...

well this past week's episode of The Office was one of the funniest in a while, and it didn't even focus on Meridith coming back at all. stupid misleading previews.

yeah, because it can't focus on Pam and Jim's attraction to one another anymore since they're TOGETHER, it's shifted to Dwight and Angela. kinda interesting. it's always trouble when a show brings together 2 characters that love each other (Ross and Rachel the best example)... we'll see how it goes.