Tuesday, October 16

Fall 2007 - week 3 quick review!

- Journeyman was good, but again i'm worried that they're going too personal, too soon. in a perfect world i would have had the wife not even believing he time-traveled until like mid-first season, and THEN you start in on the problems with the web of characters. i guess it's good i'm worried about the longevity of the show because that means it's good enough that i want it to LAST! :)

- House was again good. he gambled with the life of a patient and lost. oh, and House died and didn't see the white light. pretty interesting. also, the team of candidates is still entertaining. however, one of his former team members got fired from their job SO i'm guessing they'll be back sooner than i expected/wanted.

- Damages was EXCELLENT. i believe we're finally 2 episodes away from the finale (it's been a long time coming - my only complaint about the show) and WOW what a twist. just when you think you know something, the rug is pulled out from under you and it turns out you were completely wrong... and they're not all cheap twists either, twists for the sake of twists. these are genuine twists. great show.

- this week's South Park was probably the best of season 11 so far! the entire thing was full of double meanings (the episodes that have double meanings are the best, have the most to say about society as a whole). and maybe it also hit home with me because i really hate Bono of U2. the whole thing was genius - from the Emmy message that kept popping up on the screen to Bono answering the phone "Hello Hello!" it was all priceless. totally looking forward to the rest of the season now!

- Bionic Woman moved from the run-of-the-mill episode of last week to one that really mattered, that fit in with the overall story. alliances were formed, enemies were made... it was really well done. if Bionic Woman can keep the formula fresh - run-of-the-mill missions mixed with overarching story that matters - i'll be a happy camper.

- Life continued with its formula of "cases that aren't that interesting and are wrapped up in one episode, but characters that are rich and deep enough to sustain seasons of the show" this week. really liking this show.

- The Office had its funniest episode of the season. it seems like they're going to run with the theme of bringing Dunder Mifflin into the 21st century and on to the world wide web, and that's kinda cool. in past seasons there wasn't much of an overarching story, but it could work this season, especially since things are getting a little stale and Jim and Pam are together... of course, another thing they did to make it more interesting in the relationship category is break up Dwight and Angela, which is pretty interesting in itself.

pretty good week of television. here's to hoping for a repeat!

- kawitchate

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