Tuesday, October 16

Heroes - week 4

all i can say is hopefully this will be the episode i point to a little later down the line as to when the season REALLY got going.

this. episode. ROCKED. and it was a different kind of rock... it was a lot darker than Heroes usually is, and i liked that.


- gone were Hiro and Peter, and i've got to say thank god. their stories were getting old, running 3 weeks straight. i'm glad the show seems to be back to focusing on half the heroes one week, and half the next (hopefully).

- i hope they explain how this happened later (he was in a jungle and 3 days later he's in the desert???), but Sylar joining up with the South American twins was pure GENIUS on the part of the writing staff. the power the 2 of them have seem like something that Sylar would LOVE to get his hands on.

- something's bugging me with Sylar however (other than his sudden appearance in the middle of the desert). last episode he seemed to remember WHO he was, it's just that he didn't have his powers. this episode he was acting more like he's got memory loss - calling himself Gabriel and looking at his watch (with "Sylar" written on it) as if he recognized it, but didn't know what it meant... and then the tic-tic-tic that came later seemed more instinctual than anything, as if he was surprised by it. i don't know. it was also the first time i remember that he heard the ticking on a normal human before he killed them...

- they promised that we'd learn more about the original 12 and we DID! not only that, but we know who the nightmare hero is! way to deliver on a promise!

- i like semi-cleaned-up Nathan trying to get his life back. very nice. oh, and the face he saw in the mirror... what do you think? i think it's either what he saw happen to Peter OR Nathan's got healing powers (given to him somehow by Peter?)...

- making Parkman (the cop) more important to the story - AND explaining a bit more what happened between him and his wife in between seasons - was awesome. i like the actor and also the character.

- i could do without the New Orleans story simply for the fact that it seems like they're abusing the Katrina catastrophe instead of just setting a story there and letting post-Katrina New Orleans be the backdrop (like K-Ville is doing... even though i don't like K-Ville for other reasons). also i'm not that invested in the girl or her story yet, but we'll see.

- still not liking Claire's story (with her new boyfriend and how he's going to turn her against her father) BUT it was a little more tolerable this week. i just don't understand why the father wouldn't come right out to Claire and show her the painting... the 2 of them seemed closer than ever when the season started. also, he knows that the painting is the last in a series, and the first painting just happened a few days (a week?) ago, so he should have some time before the 8th painting comes to fruition - so he should nip it in the bud while he can! ...oh well.

and that's it! overall a lot less complaints about this episode and lots more questions than previous weeks.

all that said and i STILL liked Journeyman just a bit more (it really stepped it up this week too). do yourself a favor - if you're not watching Journeyman, start.

- kawitchate

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