Monday, October 15

a good time to be a fan of (my kind of) music

i can't tell you the last album i was excited about. there's been a few here and there that i discovered and liked a lot - disasterpeace, The Action Design - but none that i had been really looking forward (i couldn't be excited for disasterpeace or The Action Design because i didn't know the bands existed, thus i couldn't be excited for something i didn't know was out there).

and all of the sudden there's 3 i'm excited for.

Dethklok - The Dethalbum. came out a few weeks ago, and man was i excited for its release. it's an album by the guys that created the cartoon Metalocalypse on Adult Swim. since the cartoon is about a death metal band, they decided to create a full-length album and put it out under the name of that fictitious band.

and wow does it kick ass.

i was actually expecting it to be a little more death metal, but it's surprisingly accessible (more metal than death metal - well, maybe "death metal lite"). some of the riffs you can tell came from other songs they did for the show, but all in all, pretty good effort from guys that created a cartoon.

then this week Thrice's new album is finally coming out. for those that don't know, Thrice is one of my favorite bands - some might call them screamo, i call them awesome.

i guess the new one is a concept album about the elements (earth, wind, fire, water) on 4 discs - something like that. i'm expecting it to fluctuate between melodic and hardcore even more than they did on their last album. here's to hoping the concept works.

and finally, next week Coheed and Cambria's new album comes out! this band is another favorite of mine, but i was a little let down with their last album because it sounded the same as their older stuff. so i'm excited for the new one, but cautiously so.

yay for new music!

- kawitchate

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