Monday, October 8

Heroes - week 3

- good to see Nikki and Micah back, but their scenes were a little melodramatic and stilted. also, Micah's father is dead? damn, didn't see that coming (though i'm not particularly broken up about it). be interesting to see what comes of Nikki going to the Company.

- speaking of melodramatic and stilted, is it just me or have there been a large number of these types of scenes so far this season? Nikki and Micah, Peter and that Irish chick, Hiro and that girl, Claire and her new boyfriend... i don't remember there being so many scenes like this last year, and when there WAS a melodramatic scene, it was better written/acted than they have been this year so far.

- also good to see Sylar back, and i'm glad that at least something is preventing him from getting back to his old tricks again so soon (what that something is, i have no idea). who saved him? the girl mentioned something about employers, or the people she worked for... the Company?

- Hiro ALMOST came back to the present and i was ALMOST happy. then he stayed in the past. and i was sad. that story had better get a lot more interesting, and fast.

- Peter staying with the Irish folk on his own free will? god it's almost a worse plot device keeping him from moving forward as a character than the memory loss! ugh. that said, every time he uses his powers... super-cool.

- that brother and sister better get out of Mexico and into the states soon, because i'm losing interest in their story as well (since it's followed the same pattern of "oh, roadblock, how do we pass it?" "oh, there goes my powers... people are dead..." "it's ok, i'm here to take it away, let's keep going" every episode so far).

- NOT liking the direction the Claire/Claire's father relationship is headed. she HAD to have known that he did some pretty nasty stuff in the past, and now she's letting some new boy in her life manipulate her, pitting her against her father (well he hasn't started yet but you know he's going to)? she's stronger than that. it just doesn't fit. and i don't like it. that said, if it turns out that this boy knew all along who her father was and is turning her against him on purpose, trying to get closer to the one that hurt him (the father)... then it might be cool enough to pass. we'll see.

- one old Star Trek crew member leaves the cast and another joins. cool.

- next week we find out more about the First Ones, the one hunting them down, and the man from that little girl's nightmares. and clean-cut Nathan is back. let's do this.

overall, another good episode that wasn't great... par for this season so far.

- kawitchate

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