Tuesday, October 23

Heroes - week 5

not much to say about this week's Heroes other than the stories keep marching on. there were a few twists and a new character, but all in all a pretty run-of-the-mill episode. not disappointing, not surprisingly great... a good, solid episode.


- i like the new girl (chick from Veronica Mars). she was such a goody goody on her last show it's nice to see a complete 180. i also like that she's working for "daddy." and who IS daddy? my guess is the bald guy that's the face of The Company this season... either that, or she's Parkman's half-sister.

- Hiro's story was unnecessary this week. should have either told more (and finished it off) or kept it out.

- Peter's story is getting better. what's up with Montreal? why is he getting pulled/being led there? has there ever been a mention of that city before?

- really cool twist was when Suresh showed up at the "copycat's" door. be interesting to see where it leads.

- Nathan and Parkman going to confront Parkman's dad, getting duped by him, and then facing their nightmares and battling each other was pretty cool... though i actually saw that exact same setup (2 friends battling each other thinking they were in a nightmare) on an anime recently. weird.

- again i ask: who or what does the "burnt Nathan" represent? was that how Peter looked as he blew up? was that how Nathan looked after the blast and someone healed him (maybe his mother, whose power we still don't know)? or is it just a personification of the guilt inside him?

- so glad we got a break from Claire this week.

- where did it look like Claire's dad and the Nigerian man were? somewhere in Europe? Russia maybe? very interesting.

very solid episode that wasn't TOO heavy-hitting, but not really lacking either.

- kawitchate


Ben said...

bringing Dunder Mifflin into the 21st century and on to the world wide web, and that's kinda cool.
little stale and Jim and Pam are together... of course, another thing they did to make it more interesting in the relationship category is break up Dwight and Angela, which is pretty interesting in itself.

I am really looking forward to the Office tonight, AZ and wife are going to get togetehr with us - he just finished a 2 week tour with Matt's band, so good stories / fame to follow? I thing Angela will say yes to Andy, which many people are cheering for -- will give interest (though I don't like him so much, not as much of a foil to Dwight as another annoying person -- he is also pushing out kevin's time (thought he and Toby had good cameo stuff with the kidnapped Pizza boy) -- oh, I hope Kelly dies or something. She can then write more, and her acting sux big time. Plus I think she has contributed nothing lately, so lets let her high point be the Indian halloween Party.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean "on tour with Matt's band"? It's MY band too now buddy!

kawitchate said...

other than this comment being on my "Heroes - week 5" post when it's CLEARLY not about Heroes week 5... i like your comment.

the office started out slow for me but has gained speed. i missed the 4th episode this season (the last of the hour-longs) but other than that it's been great.

yeah they've broken up Dwight and Angela because they needed SOME relationship drama, and that's cool. and as for Kelly - yeah she was sorta hanging there in limbo with Ryan gone, but now that she's dating the black guy, i think it could be funny down the road.

funny side note - at first i didn't like the hour-longs, as i felt they were stretching it a bit long... but now with this week's first 30 minute episode i felt it was too short! weirdness.

oh, and who's this "anonymous" guy posting on here?


Ben said...

Anon is Some dweeb-oid. He thinks he's a big man, well, he has told me that he got no honeys and there was alchohol induced puking on the tour, so I'll take a pass on that, thanks much. With all the partying etc. in Vancouver, did that hit your pocketbook hard or not? I guess it was like going out to a movie, night with girls/guys in bar watching TV talking etc., but I was just curious. I have done my own money managment by signing up for a Netflix like gamefly thing again. I will rent and not own this hoiday season (hence my queries about your sidebar game recomendations)! That's why i got Conan. Right now N and I are burning through GH 3 on 360, fun but I don't want to buy it. She wants the wirelss guitar... last night together we unlock Beastie Boys, so I am a happy camper!