Tuesday, October 30

Heroes - week 6

another week, another good Heroes. feel the same way about this week's Heroes as i did last week's - the stories march on, one or two things are revealed, and many more questions arise.


- Claire's dad being a total bad ass and stepping over a line in this episode had to be my favorite part this week (maybe of the entire season). he's back to being a tough guy, but he's doing it for completely different reasons this time.

- The Company changing their ways seems to be a new theme (as it was brought up numerous times in this episode). is it true? could they really be under new management?

- i liked Suresh's storyline this episode, where he refused to inject the girl with the mutated virus. Nikki showing up to be his bodyguard/spy for the company however... not so much. i thought it was going to be someone that could read minds or something (which would make more sense if The Company wants to keep an eye on Suresh).

- thought: if the mutated virus is supposed to suppress powers (or get rid of them completely), is that what happened to Sylar? did The Company get him, inject him with the stuff, and then leave him on his own to see how it works?

- pretty bored with Claire's storyline this week. was pretty bored with Hiro's as well until the very end where we find out he may have screwed up things in the past. most of you know, i'm a sucker for time travel stories... mainly for all the things that could go wrong (or be put right) from time traveling.

- got to see a glimpse of the remaining paintings but couldn't really tell what was going on in them other than Hiro facing off with Takense. the others? pure speculation, but one of them had a hand that looked to be holding a test tube (maybe of the mutated virus?)... another looked like Nikki trying to break out of a window... and another was some haggard-looking dude with a gun (my guess is it's Peter or Alejandro).

- finally, we get to see where this season is headed: another freakin' large-scale problem in New York City just around the time the season's over. now, i've been pretty quiet about how this season is pretty much a rehash of last season in terms of storytelling and pacing... but this just takes the cake. COME ON! the only thing worse they could have done is had "save the _____, save the world" again. i'll give it a chance, but i'm not liking it right now.

- there IS a plus. there's a new, unseen character: Adam. the bald guy working for The Company had a file with his name on it in this episode, and he's the one that left a note for Peter in Montreal (hell, he might be the guy that gave Peter and his girlfriend the vision of New York). could he be Adam as in "Adam and Eve," the first hero??? whoever he is, i'm intrigued.

missed the preview for next week, so i'm completely in the dark as to what's coming. and i'm still pretty excited.

- kawitchate

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