Wednesday, January 2

basic cable channel-hopping

my roommate recently downgraded us from digital cable (comparable to satellite in terms of number of channels) to basic cable. without telling me. initially i was upset, but then he explained that we've still got 70+ channels and that most of the main ones were still there. i was skeptical, but upon inspection, he is right. however, now all the numbering is wrong and i have to discover which channel is what number all over again.

while i was basic cable channel-hopping tonight, i happened upon the History Channel. now, i've never been one to really watch the channel - in my mind it's always been the "WWII channel," with tonight's episode focusing on the tanks of WWII - so imagine my surprise when there was a show about space on there. and not some history lesson on space - oh no. this was like Discovery Channel-type stuff.

it was a program called Universe, or The Universe. and the episodes i caught were on cosmic holes, the moon, the Milky Way, and a bit of the episode on asteroids.

cosmic holes and the Milky Way episodes were by far my favorites, as they dealt with things that i've never really grasped - wormholes, time travel, white holes, black holes, solar systems, galaxies, the universe, and how they're all connected. it really reminded me of just how wonderful and vast a place space really is.

and i just read two graphic novels about space - Orbiter and Ocean. both are by Warren Ellis and both are pretty good reads (Orbiter being the better of the two). maybe i'm on a space kick. who knows.

check out Universe on the History Channel if you can, paying special attention to the episodes on cosmic holes and the Milky Way. great stuff.

- kawitchate

ps. i'm back from a week-and-a-half-long vacation home for Christmas and ready to pay more attention to the blog in the new year. it became a little Heroes-centric there for a while... but with the writer's strike, i won't be writing about TV much for a while (unless it's to say how bad it is)!


Fenrer said...

It is funny, I was watching the same thing last night. I missed what whites holes are (I'm assuming they were up first and I came in about 15-20 minutes in), but still it is sort of funny we happened to watch the exact same thing.
Heres to saving a few bucks!

kawitchate said...

wormholes were up first, then white holes, and finally black holes took up the last half hour. it was weird to order them like that, since black holes are real and the other two are just theoretical, but whatever.

white holes are black holes in reverse. instead of sucking in matter, they spew it out.

something i didn't really get from the show: where does the matter go when it gets sucked in to a black hole? or, where does it come from when it's spewed out of a white hole?

oh, and I'M not saving any money by us switching to basic cable - my roommate is. i was never paying for it to begin with, just the internet. THAT i still have to pay for.

- k