Monday, January 21

of all the weekends i have encountered in my travels, this was the most... human

*bonus points to anyone that knows what movie quote i'm referencing in my blog title. hint: it's extra dorky (as if anything i quote would be any less).

yes, the weekend. mine was good, how was yours? here's what i did:

- jammed with some coworkers Friday night. real instruments? no. we played a little Rock Band. the game is simply amazing. top 5 pick for me for 2007. now, there's no way i would have shelled out the money to buy the thing (it's like $180), but that's why i'm glad i work at a video game company. they buy stuff for us. since the game came out last November, we've been playing it quite a bit - though it has trailed off a bit since Christmas. what once used to be a daily after work routine has become a Friday night jam session. this week we played for about 3 hours - not bad, but we've gone for 4 or 5 before. Rock Band. great game.

- the question answered this weekend? "can one play too much Halo?" the answer - in my case at least - is "yes." over the course of Saturday i played over 8 hours of it. first i played some multiplayer online with a friend, then we later met up and played some co-op online, and finally i topped the night off with even more multiplayer with a different friend. now, i didn't play 8 hours straight - that would be murder. no, i took a couple of breaks, but they weren't enough. by the time i was playing with my other friend later at night, i was sucking pretty bad. hey, i was on my 6th - 7th - 8th hour of Halo for the day! give a guy a break. there IS such a thing as too much Halo.

- watched the Packer game Sunday. watched them stumble and throw away all they worked so hard for this season. Giants shut down their running game, Packers panicked like usual and put the game on Brett's shoulders, Brett couldn't handle it this time. what bothered me the most is that he didn't look distraught over how badly he was doing either. oh, and our pass defense was pretty abysmal. it doesn't matter anyway - nobody can beat the Patriots. good luck Giants.

- read the graphic novel Good as Lily this weekend by Derek Kirk Kim and Jesse Hamm. i picked it up on a whim at a 50% off sale a few weeks back. it's about a teenage girl that is visited by her 6-year-old self, 29-year-old self, and 70-year-old self - all at the same time. well, you know me and time travel... i had to give it a shot. i'm glad i did. it's pretty cleverly written, with each of them coming to terms with problems at the points in their lives, with the main character (teenage one) having the biggest revelation of them all - and they don't go and try explaining the whole time travel thing, it just happens. sort of like Big. and i liked that. it was a good read.

- also reread 2 novels this weekend. wow, 2 whole novels in just a weekend?!? ok, they're "young adult" novels. inspired by the Ultimate Spider-Man universe, these tell the tale of a younger Spider-Man ensemble cast from the eyes of Mary Jane. the books are Mary Jane and Mary Jane 2 by Judith O'Brien. while they're "inspired" by the Ultimate comic, they don't quite have the same story. the novels are actually more like another favorite comic of mine, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane... but the stories in each differ as well. anyway, i've been pretty upset with what Marvel is doing with mainstream Spider-Man (they split Peter and Mary up and are acting, for the moment, as if they weren't married for the last 20-some years), so i go to the more obscure tales and find solace in them. these novels aren't great by any stretch of the imagination, but they're good reads if you're a young Spider-Man fan (i mean young as in Spider-Man is young, not the fan is young, but it's good for them too - i guess maybe i'm young at heart when it comes to Spidey). what can i say? i love my Spider-Man, and i love my Mary Jane.

- 2 of my friends are in a band called Spiral Trance. they played out Saturday night for the first time in a while. since i'm thousands of miles away, i was unable to attend. (and even if i was back home, i'm sure i would have been too busy playing Halo.) i hear the show was a bit rusty, but nobody noticed, and the place was packed, so i'll let it slide. next time i expect perfection. unfortunately i won't be able to make that show either, but someone will tell me how you guys did. i've got my sources. (it's Paul.)


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