Monday, January 7

weekend notes

- caught the latter half of Jurassic Park on cable this weekend and i've got to say, i forgot just how much fun that movie is. is it a GREAT movie? well, i don't know. there is some great camera work, and they try to work in some deeper issues, but honestly it still is just a popcorn summer blockbuster that pales in comparison to the book. however, it's great FUN.

- as many of you know, i haven't been to the beach yet since i've been here. 10 months and counting. first i just never went, and now it's like "well let's see if i can live here in Hawaii without ever going to the beach." well, my aunt and uncle are in town for the week and tonight we were walking around Waikiki (the Disneyland of Hawaii) and we ended up on the beach. now, i'm not going to count it as "going to the beach" because 1) it was night, so i wasn't soaking up any sun, and 2) i didn't go in the water. for me to "go to the beach," it would have to be during the day either to soak up some rays or to go swimming (or both). what i did tonight, that was just a stroll on the beach. :)

- anyone else think the NFL playoff games this weekend were rather lackluster? granted, i was only able to catch one of them in full (the rest i caught highlights of on ESPN), but they just lacked a certain something. even the Pittsburgh/Jacksonville game (the one i watched), where Pittsburgh came back only to lose in the end... it almost felt like it was all staged, fixed. i don't know. well, go Packers next weekend. they got a tough game ahead of them, facing the red-hot veteran Seahawks.

- k


jessi said...

DAMN IT, RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!


when ashley and i take our road trip to japan, we're ttly swinging by hawaii and making you go to the beach.

kawitchate said...

are you seriously headed to japan?!? my god, take me with you!!! take me with you and i'll go to the beach, i swear!!!

i mean it, i'm headed to japan one way or another in the next few years, and it might as well be with friends.


Jessica said...

sweet!! ashley and i often talk about going. since i get vacation time now, and andy has to use all of his for the tour, ashley and i are going to coordinate our vacation times and take a road trip. she suggested a road trip to japan. but actually, if we were better about planning these things, there would be no good reason for us to not be able to plan this trip two years (or so) in advance and have the monies to go by that time. you will be included in any actual-trip-to-japan planning from now on. :)

kawitchate said...

sweet! and hey, it makes sense to have a guy along to travel with. i can run down all the pickpockets and keep the japanese mens away (from you at least - to make andy feel better about the trip).

however, two years is an AWFUL long time... are you saying you'd buy tickets and book hotels and everything that far in advance, or just that you're saving up to go sometime two years from now? i can deal with the latter, but the former... i don't know if i can plan that seriously that far ahead.

japan, here we (eventually) come!


Jessica said...

i mean saving up for that far in advance. i don't think it's even possible to buy tickets two years ahead of time. and if it was, i bet they'd be way more 'spensive.

kawitchate said...

*starts saving*