Tuesday, January 29

around the web - 1/29/08

greatest invention since Water Joe:
cheeseburger in a can? YES PLEASE!

stuck at work with no time to exercise? want to constantly feel like you're on the teacups ride at Disneyland?
then you need the Hawaii Chair! (yes i'm ashamed this is named after the state i live in)

funniest thing from last week (that i forgot to link):
dos and don'ts with babies (funniest thing is his face when he's at the table playing chess and gossiping with his mom)

funny to me, maybe not to you:
David Lee Roth "Runnin' with the Devil" vocal track only



Jessica said...

did andy or matt send you that david lee roth link, or are you a defective yeti reader?? because that's where i found it to send to them. :)

kawitchate said...

i am confused by your comment.

i got the link from one of my main humor sites, gorillamask. if i get links from other people i try to credit them.

for serious.


Jessica said...

ah, i see... i had followed that link from defective yeti on monday and then sent it to andy, matt, and ashley because it reminded me of the singer from callisto. and matthew of defective yeti had also posted a link to that wii 3d thing that you posted the other day, so i thought maybe you also read that particular blog.


i just got a little excited that maybe someone else reads that one. :)

kawitchate said...

reading my last comment now, it reads as if i'm mad at you or something. i'm not. i hope you didn't take it that way.

checked out that blog you were talking about. looks pretty good. how in the world did you stumble upon it? i've got a few blogs myself that i check every now and again that i stumble upon some way or another. personal blogs can be better than the mainstream ones.

why don't YOU have a blog yet???


Anonymous said...

tell me about it, her life is teh awesomeest -- though I think her man's email don't work, I sent an olive branch petion the other day and got no reply. maybe Sweeneey Todd traumatized him more than it seemed at the time. One of my oldest and most favorite blogs - dies in 05/04 but is still archieved was "notmydesk" a blog about being a temp. Since that is one way I always justified my higher ed, you know that I could always do that to make ends meet, for me it was both funny and interesting. And while I'm not as retro obsessed, I do hit X-entertainment to read the old toys reviews, since they were frequent objects of lust for me as a kid, but my parents wouldn't buy them (friends had garbage pail kids, NES, but I had crappy baseball cards from the police and an Apple IIE)...

Jessica said...

no, it didn't read mad. at least not to me. it read tired, i thought. or hurried.

i don't actually remember where i came across it, but i've been reading it for at least a year, year and a half. do share some of your favs!! as for why i don't have a blog?? um... did you not ever listen to me talk?? oh wait, i bet you're thinking i'm a different jessica. an interesting one. sry, but i'm the boring one. :P however, if you can garner enough requests, i'll start one just for you. :-*

kawitchate said...


hey, if i can stretch my oh-so-boring life into a blog, anybody can.

Jess commented after you. did you notice how she totally ignored your comment about her man dodging your email? yeah, i'd say Sweeney did him in. :)

i'll check out the blog you mentioned, even if it's dead now. a blog about being a temp could be funny.

and you seriously go to X-entertainment?!? i used to go there ALL THE TIME back in college. haven't been back there in a while. i know the guy ended up getting a job at Nickelodeon simply because of his blog, so he doesn't update it as much as he used to. i'd also like reading about the toys and retro movie reviews.

oh, sorry about not responding to your previous comment a few weeks back. i will do so now.


kawitchate said...


yeah, i was hurried when i wrote the comment.

most of the blogs i visit are video game related, but not all of them. i'll have to gather them up and share 'em.

look, if i can write a blog about nothing, surely you can! and you being long-winded in your storytelling is PERFECT for a blog! i won't pressure you, but blogs are kinda fun. hmm, maybe you need a theme or something. write about all the absurdities that go on at your work (if your work is anything like Bank One, i'm sure there's a lot) - though you gotta be careful that doesn't get you fired.


Jessica said...

@ wormparts

i ttly just cruised past your reply because of how the email notification looked in mah inbox... i only saw k.'s response so i zipped to the bottom of the page for the post button. the hubby says he just hasn't gotten a chance to respond to you yet. :)


long-winded =/= good

i know this from hearing it from you, matt, and andy SOOOOOOOO many times. :P however, just for you, i will start a blog. and you had better read it, no matter how rambling i get.