Friday, February 1

around the web - 2/1/08

follow-up to Cheeseburger in a Can:
man purchases and eats Cheeseburger in a Can (it's in a forum, so scroll up to see the first pictures)

my favorites are #11 and #10:
the 11 most pointless celebrity products

first Seinfeld-inspired scientific study i've heard of:
you dipped - and then you dipped again (thanks Jake)

a novel, albeit somewhat confusing idea (i'd be on board if there weren't so many different lines and symbols to learn):
Visuwords - the online graphical dictionary

and finally, perhaps my favorite link this week. i have an affinity for poorly produced rap songs by sports teams. here are 6 by NFL teams, with the Rams song being the most unbelievable:
there are worse songs than the Super Bowl Shuffle

have a good weekend all.

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