Wednesday, February 27

good week, and here's why

i'm having a wonderful week this week and here's why:

- Persona 3: FES is coming state-side! this is an alternate version of Persona 3 that includes an additional 30+ hours of gameplay with more story and more unlockables. at just $30, i'm gonna have to buy it. Persona 3 was probably my favorite game of 2007. it ought to be - i logged over 100 hours into it.

- one of my favorite authors, J. Michael Straczynski, is moving from Marvel to DC Comics. why is this good? well, he's stated that now at DC he's hoping to do some Babylon 5 graphic novels. YES!!!

- one of my favorite comic book series of all time, DEMO, is coming back this fall! slated for a 6-issue mini-series, the series will focus on everyday people discovering extraordinary powers. it's a more-real world X-Men. even though the series REALLY got good in the later issues that stared focusing less on powers and more on love and life, i'm still glad this series is coming back in some form.


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