Monday, February 11

around the web - 2/5/08 to 2/8/08

since i didn't have time to post at work - and since there really wasn't that much funny - here's the best of last week, all wrapped up in one post.

Japan loves to bring over Hollywood stars and have them star in outrageous commercials. found a website devoted to cataloging all of them. make sure to check out the Kiefer Sutherland, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Tommy Lee Jones ones: brings the funny

David Spade did something funny? and it's not 1996?
There Will be Oscars (parody of There Will be Blood)

stop doing drugs!
10 funniest anti-drug ads

Indy 4 is coming out in a few months. this guy is ready.
Indy theme performed on an organ

what's sad is i could only identify half the people on this list:
Muppets for President

and, in honor of the Grammys tonight (just one of the many award shows that i don't watch), here's the 7 most unbelievable / unforgivable Grammy snubs of all time. every single one is unbelievable EXCEPT for #3. Christopher Cross for the win!
greatest Grammy snubs

let's hope this week brings back the funny. maybe Valentine's Day will inspire some humorous videos or articles.



jemitu said...

haha!! i was reading bits of that grammy list out loud to andy last week... i think i managed to kill the funny even that way, though. number 2 was my favorite.

as for the muppet canidates, you recognized more than i did. i only recognized all of the candidates who were either not white or not male. ...i don't pay much attention until after the primaries.

kawitchate said...

all those Grammy snubs were unbelievable. what a sham. then of course i hear that that drug addict whore Amy Winehouse won album of the year in addition to like 5 other Grammys this year and i'm like "oh yeah, every Grammy award show is a sham."


djwormparts said...

Oh man, N thinks as messed up as she is, she does have pipes. her satallite performance was terrible, she kept doing this "gangsta" thing with her mouth... yes I saw most of the Grammy's, was it just me or did they allude to the writer's strike being over?

And I hate banannas and PB in food, but stomach try this is a great feature. Maybe I should do one... (pizza in car!!)

Learning to Spell

kawitchate said...


well i don't like her, but to each his/her own.

i don't know if the Grammys alluded to it, but yes, the writer's strike is just about over. i guess they're putting it to a vote today and then they could be back to work tomorrow. early prognosis is that half-hour comedies like The Office and 30 Rock will be back in April for 6-or-so new episodes and so will "established" dramas like House and Grey's Anatomy (yuk). stuff like Heroes and 24 - dramas that are more drawn out and have year-long storylines - won't be back until next year.

and yes, you should try the reese's pb&bc cup if you can find one. if you don't like it you can always save it for when i'm back next. :)


Fenrer said...

If you need your fix of the limited edition Elvis Reese's PB cups, they have them on Amazon from another seller (no free shipping)