Monday, February 4

around the web - 2/4/08

i missed the Super Bowl (didn't tune in because i figured the Patriots would win like they always do - boy am i mad i missed it now!) which means i missed the commercials. after some web surfing, i found a few lists that brought most of the best together. as a whole, they sucked. big time. however, there were still a few good ones. i liked the Bridgestone Tires commercials, Bud Light "Fire Breath," Tide "The Talking Stain," FedEx "Carrier Pigeons," and - i don't know why - the Tmobile "My Fave 5" with Charles Barkley and Dwayne Wade. oh, the Planters Peanuts one is kinda funny too:
a blog that has a bunch of the ads
FHM's 10 funniest ads (some repeats from first link)
the racist Super Bowl ad

Superman had a musical in 1966 that lasted for 4 measly months on Broadway. then ABC decided to film and air a reproduction of it in 1975. here is the story:
It's A Bird... It's A Plane... It's Superman
a scene from the musical
original soundtrack now available on Amazon!

i wrote last week that Cheeseburger in a Can was the greatest invention since Water Joe. i may have been too hasty in my claim, because we've got a new contender:
Bacon Salt - the salt that tastes like bacon

finally, something about video games. a list of 7 adver-games - advertisements thinly disguised as video games. let me just say that Cool Spot and Yo Noid! were the SHIT! Yo Noid! just because how ridiculous its premise was, but Cool Spot because it was actually a good game:
7 advertisement video games (thanks Jess)


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