Wednesday, February 27

what i've been up to - mid-week edition

- finished season 3 of Star Trek: TNG and have moved on to the fourth. let me just say this: the first few episodes of season 4 have been among some of the best, with the second episode (entitled "Family") just very well may be my favorite so far.

- why am i able to watch so much Star Trek? well it's because i'm hardly watching any real tv at all. right now it's just Sarah Connor Chronicles, No Reservations, and Law & Order. however, next week is the season (probably series) finale of Sarah Connor, and i think Law & Order is taking a break after next week as well, coming back when the rest of the shows do at the end of April. here's what i'll be watching starting next week:

- New Amsterdam
- Bizarre Foods w/ Andrew Zimmern
- South Park (starting March 12th)

those should tide me over until the old shows return. can't wait for House to come back... CAN'T WAIT!

- still reading World War Z. still loving it. the whole time i've been reading it i was wondering "what happened to Hawaii?" and i've finally got my answer. it actually surprised me. thought we'd be one of the first places overrun by the living dead. oh, and there was a chapter on what happened to someone from Waukesha, WI. not pretty. let's just say it involved cannibalism. it's actually one of my favorite chapters.

- learned the new Indiana Jones game isn't going to be coming out for another year. it got pushed back because they needed more people to work on the new Star Wars game. now, i'm all for a new Star Wars game (this next one looks super-cool), but the fact that Indy had to suffer for it makes me sad. i guess the LEGO Indiana Jones game coming out this summer will have to tide me over.

- PERSONA 3: FES IS COMING!!! (see last post)

- i finished a video game this past weekend. Naruto: Rise of a Ninja. i'll try and give it a writeup later, but let's just say the game did not disappoint. it was a good, fun game that took me about 15 hours to beat - just the right amount of time. in case i don't write it up, here's my score:

8.25 out of 10 (+/-.25)

- i'm now working on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for the 360. never read any of the books, only seen the movies - and this is the first Harry Potter game i've ever bought. the reason i bought it? it looked like it pretty faithfully created a Hogwarts that you can freely run around. also, i thought it would be like Bully - a game where you have to manage your time between quests and going to school. i was right about the faithful recreation of the school (well i don't know HOW faithful since i haven't read the books, but it looks like the movies to me) BUT it's nothing like Bully. in fact, the best way i can put it is that you're pretty much reenacting the movie while searching for hidden thing all around Hogwarts. i'm liking it, not loving it.

- finally, i'm going to have to end this on a sad note. this week my coworker Halo buddy and i decided to stop playing Halo 3 so religiously. for those that didn't know, i've been playing that damn game almost every single day since it came out back on September 25th of last year. that's almost 5 months. we're now only going to plan to play Friday and Saturday nights... at least until the new downloadable maps come out later this spring. :)


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