Friday, February 22

around the web - garfield edition

if you remember, a few weeks ago i was obsessed with Lasagna Cat. the folks at Fatal Farm put a great spin on some absurdly unfunny Garfield cartoons (which is the majority of them).

now, i used to actually be a fan of Garfield - i have like 20 of his collections. in fact, i still think some of the early Garfield strips are pretty good. but damn, Garfield hasn't aged well. i think nostalgia - mixed with just how absurd the Lasagna Cat takes on Garfield are - is why i find them so damn funny.

so it started with Lasagna Cat a few weeks ago...

and then just yesterday i found this picture on a forum that had nothing to do with Garfield (it was part of someone's signature)... and it both cracked me up and freaked me out at the same time (i mean, just look at Jon's face at the end there).

i just had to find where it was from.

so i googled "Garfield" and "real cat" (i think) and came across THE funniest thing from this week:

the "what if Garfield was a real cat" forum.

on this wonderful, WONDERFUL forum i found others like me that found making fun of Garfield to be, well, funny. it was on this forum i found:

- Realfield
- Arbuckle: Garfield through Jon's eyes
- The Garfield Randomizer (make your own Garfield strip!)

and much, much more (like the originals from the funny/freaky picture that started my search in the first place).

it was the first time in a while that i was actually brought to tears from laughing so much and so hard. that forum had my eyes watering and my sides splitting!

i have no idea if any of you will find this as funny as i do, but that's fine. nobody at work really found it as funny as i did, so you won't hurt my feelings.

now if you'll excuse me, i've got some Garfield strips to randomize. AHAHAHA!!! THAT DARN CAT!


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