Friday, February 8

thoughts from a busy week

haven't been writing/commenting because i'm really busy at work this week. that and not much is going on - either in my life or on the internet (no really interesting links). i'll try and put together a "best of the week" tomorrow after work. here's what's on my mind:

- added a shit-ton of pictures to my blog earlier this week, and it wasn't an easy task either. i was scouring the internet for hours for just the right pictures, at just the right sizes. i'm glad it's over for now, as it turned from something to do into an obsession rather quickly. in retrospect, i may have gone overboard just a bit, but it pretties up my blog and for that i'm happy.

- bought 2 new games last week that arrived in the mail this week. they are Naruto: Rise of a Ninja for the 360 and Civilization IV: Gold Edition for the PC. Naruto i picked up for $38 (list price is $60) and Civ IV for $20 (list price is $50). i was actually going to wait to pick up Naruto when it was a little lower, but i was buying Civ IV from amazon and needed to buy something else in order to get the free shipping - and Naruto was on sale, so i bit. why did i buy these 2 games? Naruto - never been a fan of the anime, but the game intrigued me with its blend of open world and fighting. it's like a mix of Grand Theft Auto and Dead or Alive. add that to the fact that the game follows the anime somewhat from start to where it is now and well i'll get most of the story. oh, and it's a beautiful looking game. Civ IV - always felt i should try a Civ game, and at the price point it was finally worth picking it up. we'll see when i have time to play it. Naruto i MADE time for. just finished Assassin's Creed, so i had a slot open. it was either Naruto, Heavenly Sword, or Harry Potter. i went with Naruto.

- halfway through season 2 of Star Trek: TNG. i can't stress enough that this is a show that simply would not make it on television today - there's just not enough going on in each episode to satisfy today's audience! i kinda like it, but maybe it's a nostalgia thing. season 2 is better than the first season, but it still has its faults. oh, and they sure are focusing on Data a lot. if he's not the main character of an episode i'd say he's the secondary focus in probably 9 of the 12 episodes so far of season 2. it's almost overkill. there ARE other characters to focus on.

hope you're all having a good week, especially all you in Wisconsin. damn that's a lot of snow you guys got!!! all i've got to complain about this week is the humidity from the rain - and it's not even that bad!


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