Tuesday, February 19

around the web - 2/19/08

stumbled upon this site when another site featured their Oscars cards today. i just love the company's motto - "when you care enough to hit send." reminds me of Despair, Inc. and their demotivational posters:

computer stuff:
actual customer service call ("i gotta have speakers")
man makes music with just Windows sounds

ninja stuff:
ninjas on rollerskates (high-speed ninja/car chase)
best ninja movie ever (it's got the Miami Vice theme and swearing - lots of swearing)

do you like Star Wars?
not as much as this guy does

and finally, hilarious school science projects. sometimes they're funny because of the name. sometimes they're funny because of the quality of the presentation. and sometimes they're funny because of the kid presenting them. i just wish i could read a few excerpts from some of these projects:
41 hilarious science fair experiments


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Ben said...

Notes on your notes -- I hope Kville will come back!

be coming back mid-April and air about 6 episodes a piece to try and salvage each of their respective seasons.
--- lame lame, uber lame! They can't reclaim this year, but it will be nice to see somthing other than rehash this summer - maybe they can do some catch-up days and show all of the start of this season in one block!

still watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. still not sure whether or not i like it.

-- I agree, it looks ok, but I can't manage to see them in order and N gets first crack at the TV -- Im not home till 8 most nights and Idol has started its iron booted march across America's conciousness

I do need cinder blocks, but I don't have a good way to transport them. What do I need them for -- Retaining Walll -- Not only stops WWZ if the Zombies are only 8" tall, but also keeps my back fence from blowing over. Right now a big suitcase and a pile of snow are subbing in for the blocks, but still....

lastly, no box yet, need to call and complain, my online class is hard and eating all good free time!
-Learning to Spell