Thursday, February 14

around the web - 2/11/08 to 2/14/08

first Indy 4 trailer. comes out May 22! i'm trying to keep my expectations low, but this trailer raised them just a little...
Indiana Jones and the Teaser Trailer

The Onion asks the tough question "do we really want another black president?"
given what's happened when Morgan Freeman and the Allstate guy were president

so that's how Hollywood works:
5 ways Hollywood tricks you into seeing bad movies

i love craigslist. on it you can find some winners and some losers. here, my friend, is a winner just trying to sell some cement blocks for $1:
"you want the blocks? come get the blocks"

they've got candles, we've got MANDLES:
now available in "duct tape" and "Micky Mantle"

THE funniest thing i've read all week. it's a rip on how artsy and pretentious movies like "Garden State" and "Juno" are (don't get me wrong, i like those types of movies, but i know the formula and know how to laugh at it):
fake screenplay from the creator of "Juno"

cupid's arrows (video)
cupid's arrows (comic)


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