Tuesday, January 15

around the web - 1/14/08

the name of the show: Cinematic Titanic. the premise: watch a movie and tape yourself make funny comments while watching it. sounds familiar right? maybe like a little show called Mystery Science Theater 3000? well, Cinematic Titanic stars all the original players of MST3000. their first DVD is out. here is the trailer:
Cinematic Titanic: The Oozing Skull

i have to admit, the first few of these i watched i didn't really get it. but after a few, you start to laugh your ass off. a team of guys (Fatal Farm) decided to take "unfunny" Garfield cartoon strips and act them out. then after doing that they set what they just did to music. the unfunny brought to life is hilarious, and then the songs they choose and what they decide to do with them? priceless. some of the best are 05/22/1980 and 08/18/1978. here's the rest:
Lasagna Cat on youtube

i never knew ignorance and bigotry could be so god-damn funny! (oh, and i'm not anti-religion - far from it. i'm just anti-ignorance and anti-bigotry):
the 100 greatest quotes from fundamentalist Christian chatrooms

finally, with almost all the movie production houses moving over to blu-ray, it looks like the next-gen format war might be over. and Hitler ain't happy:
the downfall of HD-DVD



Anonymous said...

I checked out the thing for the brain movie, and read some reviews. Does it have Joel or not? Since I watched MST before he flipped from on screen to off, he's the vice (in both the English lang sense and aural sense) I associate with it. Might be good to watch with buddies though, N woudl never check it out. I can picture her now "The nerd-o-meter is off the charts!!" I also wondered what your take was on Lost Oddessey, they have a 2 hour play through preview and sounds pretty fun. I liked the GC game from final fantasy where you used your GBA as the controller, and it sounds like it has that feel.It also ships on 4 discs, which is ultra crazy -- I thought Fable had a lot of content!

Also, this info about the PSP is pretty interesting, again with the connectivity issue, its a great way to give us more value and entertainment for the bang, esp. with travelling, I'm sure your plane rides get looong!


kawitchate said...

from youtube:

"Created by Joel Hodgson, creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Cinematic Titanic peppers The Oozing Skull with the kind of hilarious, rapid-fire commentary that fans of fine movie riffing have come to know and love. Joining Joel are his original Mystery Science Theater 3000 cast mates Trace Beaulieu and J. Elvis Weinstein, along with longtime MST3K writers and cast members Frank Conniff and Mary Jo Pehl."

so yes, it's Joel.

as for Lost Odyssey, i'm cautiously optimistic. the game looks gorgeous and sounds interesting, but i've heard some bad early reviews from Japan (they got it a month or two ago). it's from the makers of Blue Dragon (ex-Final Fantasy folk), and THAT didn't get the best reviews either... so we'll see what we see.

and yes, the thought of being able to play my blu-ray movies from my PS3 on my PSP wirelessly is pretty damn interesting. pretty damn interesting indeed.