Tuesday, January 22

no reservations: vancouver

i just got done watching the most recent episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations on the Travel Channel. tonight he visited Vancouver.

why was i so compelled to write? well because i think he did a good job of showing and explaining why Vancouver is such a wonderful place to live. sure he missed some stuff (and i, apparently, missed some stuff too), but the message he hit right on the head.

Vancouver is a wonderful urban melting pot that's got one of the densest populations on earth in the downtown core but yet manages to keep nature all around you. it has wonderful food, friends, and work (if you can get it).

so check it out on reruns if you can. see why i love the city of Vancouver so much. it doesn't cover everything, but it covers enough. oh, and i recognized some of the places and streets they were filming. at one point they were about 2 blocks away from where i used to live - right in front of where i used to grocery shop.

Vancouver. the best place on earth that i've been to.

i will return.



djwormparts said...

Sounds great -- I watched the Sarah Conner chronicles to see if you are nuts or not. I'd say tech stuff is cool, long term pacing is great, girl from Firefly/Serenity (female protector android) is wasted with bad text and directions to act so stiffly. Arnold was a better Term. by T3, but I admit we knew he was artificial so he didn't have to act to get it across..

There is also a good Basic Instructions, the site I used for my Halloween invite up right now, its at:http://www.basicinstructions.net/

and should be about Star Wars if he hasn't set up a new one for the week!

How would you compare Zelda: Tw. Princess with Eternal Sonata?

kawitchate said...

i still have yet to write a post about Sarah Connor Chronicles. suffice to say, i'm liking it. quite a bit. i don't really mind all the little things that could make it bad. oh, and i think the female protector android (as you called her) is doing a fine job acting. the only thing i thought was a little weird is that she was able to act like a human and blend in so well during the first episode before John knew who she was, but now she's all android-like. i do like that she has the capacity to learn human traits (it seems), and i'm wondering if future John actually built her (instead of the resistance capturing her and reprogramming her, like they did with all the other terminators).

i like web comics. i will be checking out this Basic Instructions you suggested.

i can't compare Eternal Sonata to Twilight Princess because i never played TwP. remember: i don't have a Wii (sure i could play it on Gamecube, but i'd want to play it with the Wii controls). that said, you can see my thoughts on Eternal Sonata, as i recently beat it and posted about it. Zelda, to me, is a dead-in-the-water franchise. i just don't have any want/need to play any of the new ones. same goes for Mario. it's just been too much of the same thing for too long.