Wednesday, January 2

around the web - 1/2/08

i've been told that i should share my daily internet finds with more people. instead of emailing a bunch of you, i just figured i'd post it to my blog, since i want to post more anyway. here they'll be archived too. win win.

so, without further ado, here's the funny and/or interesting stuff from around the interweb today. enjoy.

better than all of last year's Skittles commercials combined:
finally, comfort in your car

*and yes, it looks to be a real product:
though they could stand to hire themselves a website designer

a little post-Christmas Christmas cheer:
everyone wants a holiday sweater!

bootleg edition of Star Wars Ep. III: The Backstroke of the West:
bad Chinese subtitles make for a better Episode III

want to play games? have no money?
best freeware games of '07

- k

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