Wednesday, August 29

back from hiatus

hello. it's been a while.

main reason: i was away on a business trip that doubled as a personal trip (seeing as the business i had was in my home state, Wisconsin). we had day-long pow-wows all week long last week trying to hammer out some writing issues in the game. good news? i think the trip was successful - and even if it turns out it wasn't, it was sure successful on a personal level. it was really nice seeing friends and family again, if only for a little while.

however, i have been back since Saturday and still i waited to post until tonight. why? simply put, i haven't really had much to say! but if i start letting these postings slip i'll get so far behind i'll never want to start up again. so - it's posting time!

again, thanks to all my friends and family that welcomed me home with open arms. i hope my next visit is non-work related (and yet is paid by my company again somehow - that part was nice).

- kawitchate

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