Saturday, August 4

my July 31st deadline

as you probably already know, i'm in the middle of watching the entire Babylon 5 series (all 5 seasons) right now. when i initially started watching them over a couple of months ago, i set July 31st as the date i wanted to be done by because that's the date the new B5 movie came out on DVD. well, how did i do?

i didn't hit my deadline.

i'm currently stalled on episode 7 of season 4, right after the Shadow War. why do i say "stalled?" because, the last time i watched was last week, and honestly, i haven't felt the pull to watch an episode since... though i'm going to keep moving on tonight.

why? well i've been putting some thought into it and i think it's because almost the entire series had been leading up to the Shadow War up to this point, and now that it's come and gone, there's just this disconnect (even though i know what's coming next). this time around, i really felt the brevity of the Shadow War, really felt like there should have been more... but of course i know why there wasn't - the creators didn't know at this point if there would be a season 5 (ratings were good, but not great) and that meant trying to fit in all the key parts of 2 seasons into 1 - that's why there doesn't feel like there's any breathing room in season 4 (well, except after the Shadow War, where i am now, in between episodes), no wasted episodes.

well, i'm going to at least finish season 4 before i buy the new DVD to watch... i'm going to TRY and soldier through season 5, but as i've said before, it's my least favorite - mainly because they had to fit everything into season 4 to be safe, so season 5 feels tacked on somewhat.

72 hour-long episodes in just about 2 months. not bad work. not bad at all.

- kawitchate

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