Wednesday, August 15

from hurricanes to earthquakes to tropical storms to tsunamis

living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean sure has been a trip this week!

first there was news Sunday that a hurricane was headed our way and that it was looking to be a pretty bad one. it wouldn't hit us directly but it would bring with it strong 100mph winds and torrential rain. it was said to hit Wednesday.

then there was news that an earthquake had hit miles off the coast of the big island of Hawaii Tuesday morning. magnitude of 5-something. the last earthquake to hit around that area was a 6-something magnitude and it managed to take out the power here on Oahu for over a day back in November. guess i lucked out, i didn't even feel this new one.

then the hurricane got downgraded to a tropical storm and headed more south of us than anticipated Wednesday. it turned out to be not that big of a deal, and we have had pretty much normal weather outside of a few gusty times during the past few days and a little chillier weather at night. 100mph winds and torrential rain my ass. our "hurricane" got so weak it actually got pushed off the front page for the newer, more hip hurricane/storm in the gulf headed toward Texas. ah well, fame is fleeting.

and NOW we've got a tsunami advisory (not a warning). this is in response to the 7.5 mag earthquake that struck Peru earlier today. i guess being stuck out in the middle of the Pacific like this we could get pretty much any aftershocks that come from any coastline. yay us. the tsunami advisory isn't really that serious, but it's just icing on the cake after this week.

- kawitchate

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