Wednesday, August 29

on shipping issues

living on an island has its ups and downs. up - the weather is always almost near-perfect and the lifestyle here is a little more laid back. down - there isn't always things that i want that are easily accessible here so i need to buy them online and have them shipped here.

now, i've had quite a few things shipped to me since i've been here - quite a few video games, my repaired Xbox 360, my new PS3, etc. - but lately my luck with shipping has not been so good.

case #1: i ordered an HDMI cable for my PS3 at the end of July. it shipped no problem, and actually made it to my island (according to online tracking) - however, it was never delivered because the post office claims that they couldn't find my address. so they returned it to sender. then THEY took their sweet ass time sending it BACK and so they shipped it sometime last week and i'm STILL waiting to get it. and this time the online tracking isn't working, so who knows what's up.

case #2: i preordered a video game - BioShock - a couple of months ago and it just was released last week Tuesday. the tracking says it shipped out Wednesday, but there has been NO update to the tracking of the package online since. again, it's being sent via USPS like the cable above, so maybe the USPS has a problem. at any rate, i'm really itching to get this game, as everyone is talking about how good it is.

case #3: ordered some contacts a month back, they arrived promptly later that week. fast forward a few weeks and i take a closer look at what they sent me - wrong prescription. now, this isn't EXACTLY a shipping issue except for the fact that i now have to sort this out with the people on the other side of the transaction and THEN have to wait for them to ship me out new ones... when i really need them NOW!

island life. a blessing. a curse.

i blame the USPS.

- kawitchate

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