Wednesday, August 1

island life

see, i knew things were expensive here in Hawaii since everything needs to be imported, but it didn't hit home until tonight, when i bought items i usually ignore at the store - milk, cereal, and eggs (usually i'm just buying frozen stuff, but this week i went all out).

milk - $6.50/gallon

cereal - $5-8/box

eggs - $4.50/dozen

most things have been maybe $1-2 more at most, but these prices are crazy! at these prices i might just keep buying frozen...

- kawitchate


Fenrer said...

I hate to say it, but that seems in line with the hole $1-2 more theory you have. Cereal here is usually $4-5. Milk is insane these days, and you are right it is up there for you, in general being someway in the ballpark of $3.50 a gallon when it isn't on sale for the store brand. Eggs, I have no clue, maybe $2.99 at the most. So really Milk is the only one that seems astronomical based on your criteria.

kawitchate said...

no way... cereal is totally less than that! i'd say $3-5... and to be honest, most the cereals here are $7-8, just some of the lesser cereals are cheaper. for example, i want crispix, but for a rather small box it's $7. in-sane.

and eggs? i totally remember you could get eggs for like $1.50 max.

- k