Tuesday, August 14

state of the human(oid)

i wrote last week on how i try to avoid recap posts but now i'm starting one. from time to time, when i don't have a lot to say about one thing but i've got enough little things to say i'll post it in a "state of the human(oid)" post, letting you all know what's what.

from last week:

- cell phone is still fine, but i haven't taken the kiddy gloves off yet when handling it. i treat it like a delicate princess.

- the cut on my finger is healed over, but now there's a chunk of skin missing. it's pretty cool actually, i wonder if it's going to leave a scar. neato!

- no update on the status of my missing USPS package with my HDMI cable inside. if i don't get it before i take off next week i'll be pretty upset.

- no update on my ticket. what can i say, i'm lazy. i plan to write a letter denying my guilt and sending it along before i take off next week.

new news:

- there's a freakin' HURRICANE coming my way! never thought i'd be saying that... but yes, i'm now living somewhere where a hurricane is a possibility, albeit a small one - everyone here keeps telling me they haven't had one in 10 years. anyway, it's not passing OVER us, but it is passing pretty close south of us, so we're due for heavy-duty winds and rain Wednesday. needless to say, i'm a bit worried about me on a moped, but i've been assured that if we have work, someone can give me a ride. actually, i'm worried about tomorrow as well - the winds and weather have already changed somewhat, and, while i can handle gusts on my moped, i don't like it (and i don't know how strong these'll be). and the funny thing about all this - i didn't even know we were going to get hit by a hurricane until my parents told me. my parents - in the midwest.

- if our island is still here next week, and if the airport is still fully operational, i am headed back home to Wisconsin - for work! i'll be there Tuesday AM until Saturday AM, hoping to hang with some WI fools one or two nights while i'm there. should be busy - but good - times.

- this week i'm trying to finish things. at work i'm trying to get a bunch of stuff done before i take off next week. at home i'm trying to finish off a few video games - Scarface for the PS2 and Fable for Xbox - before the onslaught of video games hits later this month. BioShock, Heavenly Sword, Eternal Sonata, and Halo 3 - all in the span of a month. i'm going to be bu-sy. oh, and i'm STILL trying to finish Babylon 5. i'm now on Season 5, Episode 3.

- not helping with my "trying to finish things" mentality, i've started playing a racing game. that's right, a racing game. Forza Motorsport 2 for the Xbox 360. it's... addicting. the last racing game i played was Colin McRae for the PSOne, and that was only casually. the last racing game i played heavily was probably Top Gear Rally for the N64 (now that's old school). what's so cool about Forza? the cars you win, the amount you can customize... i honestly don't know. all i know is i'm having fun.

this has been the state of the human(oid).

- kawitchate

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Ben said...

first one! Yes! Bragging rights are mine. Both N and I are concerned about your welfare, have fun, seems like rain / flooding main side effect. Where's Brownie when you need him! (No locks / dams in HI, right?) I am thinking Et. Sonata will rock, I really liked the last GC Tales game, but lost intrest after about 12 hours or so. This one does look pretty. What ever happened to Blue Dragon? My 360, almost 2 years old, is still ok, some CD issues once and awhile, but a hard reboot does it. It does get a little wierd about having the GHII controller plugged in all of the time, which makes it controler 1, and the wireless c2 etc.

I am getting quite good at playing TMNT Arcade with the guitar, tho!