Friday, August 17

on the Fall 2007 schedule

well, most my summer shows are still going strong, but i'm already being teased with my fall shows... and, while it seems like only yesterday that they went on hiatus, the majority of them start in just a little over a month. here's what i'll be watching:

- Prison Break Season 3
- Heroes Season 2
- K-Ville Season 1
- Journeyman Season 1

- House Season 4
- Law and Order: SVU Season... uh... 100?

- South Park Season 11 Part 2
- Life Season 1

- My Name is Earl Season 3
- 30 Rock Season 2
- The Office Season 4
- Scrubs Season... 6?
- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 3
- Drawn Together Season 4



- Family Guy Season... 5?
- American Dad Season... 4?
- Curb Your Enthusiasm Season... 6?

and coming Mid-season:
- 24 Season 7
- New Amsterdam Season 1
- The Shield Season 7
- Ashes to Ashes Season 1

as you see, there are quite a few Season 1s that i'm checking out. most of these i could drop at anytime if i don't like them, but from the previews i've seen, i'm interested enough to check them out. here's why:

- K-Ville is about a cop duo down in New Orleans after Katrina trying to keep the peace. it looks a little like The Shield but tamer, and with a different setting. what really got me was the main black actor - he was on The Shield Season 4, and he was AWESOME. what might ruin it? i don't like the white actor, and the storytelling could get a little melodramatic.

- Journeyman is about a dude supposedly time traveling. that's all i know and that's all i NEED to know. you simply mention "time travel" and i'm on board.

- Life is about a detective wrongly accused and goes to jail for a crime he didn't commit. well, things get turned around and now he's out, and back to being a detective. i took a look at the talent involved in front of and behind the camera and i figured it was worth a look.

- New Amsterdam is about a detective in New York that doesn't age? that premise alone has me intrigued. however, Fox pushed it back to mid-season when it was supposed to air this fall, so i wonder if there's something wrong with it, like maybe it didn't test well...

- Ashes to Ashes is the spinoff series from Life on Mars, which is one of my favorite shows of all time. it's supposed to be a little more hammy, but i just HAVE to see the gang from the 70s make the transition to the 80s.

what shows am i most looking forward to? Prison Break, Heroes, Journeyman, House, The Office, 24, The Shield, and Ashes to Ashes.

here's to a great Fall 07 (and Winter/Spring 08).

- kawitchate

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