Wednesday, August 1

PS3 and me

well, my PS3 arrived yesterday safe and sound. after purchasing it maybe 2 weeks ago, it shipped late last week and arrived Tuesday here - not bad. i was tracking the package as it went - started in Nevada, went East to Kentucky, then North to Ontario, and then to Honolulu. strangest trip i've ever seen a package take - it got further away with each step until the last!

anywho, didn't make a big deal out of it last night here on my blog because i didn't set it up. i know, i know - "you bought a $500 system and didn't set it up when you got it?" that's correct. 1) i don't have the correct cable to hook it up to my tv all nice (i'd have to unplug something else right now to plug it in), and 2) i'm still finishing a game on my PS2 and you can't transfer over save files to the PS3 unless you have this little device, which i should be borrowing from a friend of a friend this week.

even though i knew i'd have to play around with some wires in the back for now, i just had to set it up tonight - after all, there's things to sign up for and system updates to download. woohoo. how was the experience?


the cable i decided to use was the component cable i bought for my PS2 (actually meant for a PS3) a few months back that was supposed to make it look a bit better on my HDTV (it ended up just making the crappy picture sharper, not better per se). the reason i don't just use this cable with my PS3 from now on is because my TV only has one component outlet, and that's for my Xbox 360. i have an HDMI cable i ordered Sunday coming in the mail.

so i get everything plugged in and start it up. no picture. i turn it off, mess around with some of the cables, try again. still no picture. i think maybe it needs just a regular composite cable to get things started (the one it shipped with, same with the PS2), so i plug THAT in. picture.

i go through the registration of my PS3 and then turn it off to try the component cable again. more unplugging, plugging - no picture. i decide to put the composite cable back in. more unplugging, plugging - picture.

i realize there must be some setting INSIDE the PS3 that i have to tell it that i'll be using a component cord. so i find where that is, do what i think needs to be done, try it again (unplugging, plugging) - no picture. unplugging, plugging - picture.

i tried this more than a few times with various settings, but i could NOT get the component cord to work. i tested to see if it was the cord at fault by using it with my PS2 and it worked fine... so there's got to be something wrong internally with my PS3, some setting i have wrong.

anyway, it was quite the headache and after about 2 hours of playing around with all this i grew tired of it and didn't even get to start downloading any demos or games.

not a great start to this $500 powerhouse of a machine. i hope when i get the HDMI cable i'll be able to get IT to work.

off to play my PS2.

- kawitchate


Fenrer said...

Sounds like one big headache. It could be something like you have to reorganize the way you plug the cables in like you had to on the 360.

So no commentary on the multiplayer co-op for Halo 3. It is just what you wanted and more. I'm just a little shocked, as it seemed like something you'd be all over.

kawitchate said...

as i said (or i think i said) i'm just going to wait for the HDMI cable to come in the mail. i asked at work and the guy that set up our work PS3 said he didn't have to do anything special - but it's got an HDMI cable. so we'll see what we see.

oh, and as far as the 4-player co-op in Halo 3 - i knew i was forgetting to write about something! see, all these news stories, i read them during the day at work, and then i get home and don't post until 11pm-midnight, and by that time i've usually forgotten the news. so, tonight maybe?

- k

Ben said...

That game isn't out yet! what are you up to? I guess you played Crackdown. Ironically enough, I have all my stuff, including a Xbox and 360 thru the massive 5.1 mixer/head thing (Sony!) N has for our sound system. It has enough input and one HDMI and component output so that goes to TV (Massive 36" Sony glass tube Trinitron). N has her soul owned by Sony, but i try to fight back. I don't have any "HD" set up.

djwormparts, who will drive to Mad-town to hang out.