Wednesday, July 11

and 1AM makes 24

...that's 24 hours.

as in i've been up for 24 hours now.

it's been a long day.

today i returned from my week-long vacation. there was an early shuttle to the airport, a few hours of waiting at the airport, a 6-hour flight, several hours of work in the afternoon, unpacking, vegging out, and catching up with everything that's happened in the last week.

it's been a long day.

my vacation was wonderful. i don't think i've had such a relaxing vacation in quite a long time - usually my vacations are filled with things to do, people to see. this one was all about the vegging. i went on the computer once, and it was only for maybe 15 minutes - compare that to the 8+ hours i'm on the computer for work every day and then the 2-4 hours i'm on when i get home. it was nice.

of course, now there's the catching up. there's a lot that's happened - mostly in the world of video games of course - that i want to chime in on, but am just too tired at the moment. thankfully i didn't miss E3 this week, so i can be commenting on that as it happens... well, except for the Microsoft keynote that i watched (twice) tonight. that can wait until tomorrow.

i also saw some movies on my vacation that are good for a post or two, so that will alleviate the movie review drought i've got going on here. two words: Ghost Rider.

and of course, i managed to get some video game time in while i was on vacation. tried Marvel Ultimate Alliance for the 360 for the first time, as well as Children of Mana and Trauma Center for the DS, and i'll probably post on those as well.

what was the point of this post? to let you know i'm back, and there'll be plenty of posts to follow. so stay tuned.

- kawitchate

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